Sarah Palin Is Returning to Television

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate will return to Fox News.
3:00 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Sarah Palin Is Returning to Television
-- skinny -- and we're going to be seeing a whole lot more on television coming up these days -- Sarah Palin really yes the former governor of Alaska former vice presidential candidate. There's news now after months after after months of parting ways as you may remember she was on Fox News months ago the former GOP vice presidential candidate is coming back on as a contributor for the news channel this is on fox. She'll also be contributing to the Fox Business Network. The Seattle. In -- Fox News says I have great confidence in her and -- that she will once again at her commentary to our programming. I hope she continues to speak her mind and she called up Fox News unparalleled. -- that it has important debates and our world and they are indispensable she's pleased and proud to be rejoining. The Rick talks. You betcha can't talk about a divorce Billy Ray Cyrus got the achy breaky heart going on -- yeah down after three years they filed divorce. Three years ago keep -- divorce from his wife that he changed his mind -- -- -- And apparently now she's the one who wants to go through that. -- from Billy Wright -- a personal matter who -- in the final resolution that is the vestiges of our family asks you to respect. Privacy at this time that's actually from his wife seem to be back -- Occasionally -- that this. The news coming out today because of a week ago it was their daughter and the -- always might -- the iris is always in the news -- and it doesn't utter. In the news for breaking up with her fiance. -- and then yesterday she said that they were still engaged. Itself but it's funny that how the time. -- -- in his Father's Day and that the house nineteen your marriage nineteen your marriage in just like that it's done also I read somewhere that the last time he filed for divorce and they decided to -- got this is Billy Wright he said that it was her and a daughter Spain that kind of impose itself -- the relationship -- the parents. -- -- But even so why would you -- out well for your kids a year you write your mixer feel -- it's her fault they're not soccer club -- look at. I'm running -- this -- McCarthy absolutely hilarious she's in a brand new movie and she was in -- bridesmaids. -- -- drop dead gorgeous there she is. Winning all kinds of awards just breaking -- as far as it goes as far as movies -- she's absolutely wonderful now she's fighting back because somebody else and something to say about her weight. Rex Reed. That New York Observer apparently decided to call her -- email about. Men on the yeah I don't know that's very important to do -- yeah I honestly it's. It is just one of those things I think people who are you know you. Not very secure in their own skin -- YE -- need to do that like the act now. Not cool well she's responding. And and she -- -- she decided that she wanted to let him know that it's not -- -- to say that and I think that's that's that's got on her part absolutely that's just yet poverty and they had about about it -- successful. They were beautiful so whenever I think people do that because they they feel unsuccessful in their own. Right mind your and -- they go for other people in the she's hot there. Halley Berry and her fiance expecting a -- yes we. What yeah baby they EEE going to be able me call Alley Barry and French fiance. Olivier Martinez and he says my son will be an American -- remain -- he told People Magazine in Paris on Wednesday. It's so they're expected to walk down the red carpet seeming as guests of honor she by the way also has a daughter five years old from her former boyfriend so. That's kind of cool she will have they -- baby boy and she said it is a big big surprise in the most wonderful kinda surprised. She thought she was passed the point where this could actually be a reality for her wound down her daughter -- year -- daughter -- into the corner and see how well you would think with the jeans and that family and. Suddenly handsome yeah there's this other names can be just hot.

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{"id":19399682,"title":"Sarah Palin Is Returning to Television","duration":"3:00","description":"The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate will return to Fox News.","url":"/WNN/video/sarah-palin-returning-television-19399682","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}