Season Finale of 'The Bachelorette' Ends With Proposal

Kaitlyn Bristowe chooses Shawn Booth over Nick Viall and gets engaged in final episode.
7:11 | 07/28/15

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Transcript for Season Finale of 'The Bachelorette' Ends With Proposal
That pollute what what does duck in the city tonight. Last night huge season finale of the bachelorette or paint let it all came down to two men and one big decisions in the Kerr shot and here to break down press is always are seen. Analysts see. I'm. Got all dressed up for the finale and about that I'm honored morning yet another set another season is over it. Back now mercifully yeah. Oh my god I didn't think we're gonna make it well all right. We missiles Alegre senator Richard dude still involved troll and B and nick. Roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. This is mixed arriving on the scene he was -- company said along the way he said. It's increasingly hard to feel that it's not going to end well but you know what. Wrong. Or a. She put the brakes on that ring. Before it got out of the box. Let's put it that way. She was trying to make nice to whom she is ladies Zain you know I know I love doing all of this is likely not only did hear it. Thanks very much below whatever. All later in the limo but I can't believe that he's here believe it. In the limo he said he was sick and in shock. Did that sounded. Feeling it was. Plus on the globe. You can actually hear her tummy she loves me more than ones. It is like the joke. The world's biggest joke and so enters the pantheon of pathetic ness. We thank you call me till it is going on lot he's right up there with the 1991. In 92 Atlanta Braves. He lost two World Series is in a row. Hasn't quite achieve the level of the 91 to 94 Buffalo Bills. Of course I lost four straight shall troubles you know he's Rwanda's high. And get a little sports Israel and the whole nine yards. All right that cleared the way for the triumphant arrival. Both Scholl and be. He was feeling confident as well about the whole thing and his confidence was well founded. He had done his ring shopping would Neil Lane earlier on. And Seneca Ryan Gosling right well he had that he had as as we said and our season review yesterday. Excuse me you had that Matthew McConaughey being going on right and let's just hear their big moment what's his leave it to him. We believe. That everything happens for a reason. After the two best months in my entire life and with everything this. And that's I'm not supposed to in my life two. And I'm not going through. They go all sorts all hearts and flowers there. Sean billion Caitlin how lucky guy he went you know will war call early in the season he went from that he got the first impression rose. And went all the way. To the engagement ring so there are enough good for them check them out later this morning on Good Morning America. There was some weirdness and after the final rose from what we had nick. And Sean be on the couch with each other at all Mike and his guys just didn't like each other -- a season that was the whole you know thing. Shall it be said that he never really clicked would nick. That is giving that he had a bad feeling about him. Nick was basically like he you know he knew that it wasn't popular to join the whole thing a progress they both agreed that their feud was immature. And then it took away from their relationships with. Excuse me with Caitlin. Prediction time we think that bin age should. Decades who placed third in the this go around him. Was. Is going to be the next vet who's going to be the bathroom but we'll see who could be back then Z as well. Thank you sir we've got a bonus route. Are devastating both realms. Thank Katie cares thought so this bonus round heat in a lot of attention. Of people wanted to make this stuff feud between her Taylor school. Impact outside at all but still she's certain thing about all of that with the pirates for. Stat check around with former President Bush and Clinton Harry frozen the shot tends to Graham with the caption 4243. 46. Question market applying a possible run for Perry and 22 when he or 20/20 four. Could she would kiosk T slipped given me goes to win and then they would have bad blood as a campaign theme song to and they would still win a pitcher for. The disease every jumpers and will be out voting erect they would win and other fixed up though Will Ferrell we saw him run around you remember this with the Major League teams are being trained missile. Vick thing he did but exactly what was he. Up to a we knew we had to be filming something and now we have a trailer for the project a documentary called fair old takes the field. Check out. They say nothing more American and grabbing a hot dog heading to the ballpark watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic don't feel. You know like today I learn today are wrong they got eight dominicans and one guy from Irvine California. You can see thorough way all my positions them into the batter's box that number twelve on these field. And the special raise funds for several cancer fighting charities to good cops. And accepting news about the much anticipated full house spin off series Fuller how yes romance of barely between uncle Jesse it all Becky continues don't tables confirmed that they are. Indeed together with this is to Graham post. The shot of his hand. With Lori Laughlin is both with wedding bands over the episode one script something with the caption reading Becky and just eat together for ever. Building for the night flicks series is can currently under way at no word on a release date. And more teeny casting news our boy your what your favorite sky and Sharon just ended arena current role in the new television series. Did the show there on FX and the title pretty intense here is called the faster execution there. It's bill that they blood sold emitted more epic. And share is gonna give this thing he played the character described as an ambitious and deadly protege of a high ranking church elder rules and now. Well first orders of data but he's gonna have some role as they think we're some kind knows there's going to be active he's in the church choir during medieval time it's. You can't but right now he can do no wrong in my book look upset number one period.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Kaitlyn Bristowe chooses Shawn Booth over Nick Viall and gets engaged in final episode. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32726670","title":"Season Finale of 'The Bachelorette' Ends With Proposal ","url":"/WNN/video/season-finale-bachelorette-ends-proposal-32726670"}