The ABCDE's of Skin Cancer Screening

Dermatologist Dr. Darrell Rigel explains the warning signs of skin cancer.
2:51 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for The ABCDE's of Skin Cancer Screening
Important health news this morning may is skin cancer awareness month a good reminder no matter what type of skin you have to get -- dermatologist doctor -- real joins us now some possibly lifesaving tips. On this melanoma Monday. Doctor what Michelle my pleasure let's talk about the warning signs -- -- If something's growing bleeding -- -- you're changing. You should see your dermatologist. For melanoma. We talk about EB CDC. And -- Is for asymmetry one side is different than the other side. He is irregular border the border looks very even like the rocky coast of Maine of the coast of California is not around thing -- -- it's got his -- it. C is for color variation so instead of being light brown -- -- -- -- all the different shades of brown even red white and blue very patriotic. -- Greater than the size of a pencil racer a quarter -- that's what you're concerned about -- -- for evolving toward changing. If you see the ABC DE features animal what you have. See your dermatologist all right good advice can they occur anywhere on the body. -- public can be found anywhere. Most commonly on the back -- men on the legs in women but can be found anywhere -- of this crazy liking on the top spearhead we have to -- look through the -- It's important we dermatologists examines you make sure they look at every spot because you can't get them in the -- are we we know that lighter skinned people you know my family we always have something on our skin but can it affect all types of skin even pigment that skin. Well the fair you are the more easily use -- -- more importantly ten. The greater risk for melanoma. But anybody can get melanoma and even the darkest skinned individuals so everybody should be -- so anybody even if you ten great -- -- to get a check now on that correct absolutely. But some thoughts on protection I guess I would imagine you recommend that everybody -- -- to -- in even people who -- nice tanning skin it's good where this protection. It never hurts to protect yourself it's really important to do so what you look forwards and -- -- product. With a 33 things when you look at -- container of sun -- SPF greater than thirty. Looking to see if it's water resistant for at least eighty minutes. And the words broad spectrum -- -- protects against the entire spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. So those three things are important you would think that everything would be broad spectrum but that's not the case you really want to make sure you see that on on the packaging broad spectrum. Where can people get more information they the curious and they and they wanna read up on this moment when this is national melanoma detection month. And to get more information go to spot skin cancer dot -- All the events that are happening over the entire country for the month will be on there I'm got match that's good place to start -- -- -- the -- as well right. Go see -- dermatologist all right doctor -- regal thank you so much for joining us we'll have more information on our FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. More world news now after this.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Dermatologist Dr. Darrell Rigel explains the warning signs of skin cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23586757","title":"The ABCDE's of Skin Cancer Screening","url":"/WNN/video/skin-cancer-warning-signs-23586757"}