Where to See Spectacular Lights This Holiday Season

Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott has tips on where to find the very best Christmas light displays, if you're willing to hit the road to get into the holiday spirit!
2:54 | 12/08/16

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Transcript for Where to See Spectacular Lights This Holiday Season
Isn't this what would this Christmas be without all those over the top out Jordan might displease Lorraine yeah. I think that they're getting tired of what your neighbors have been putting up every year no hit the road and check out some real blockbusters. Here now Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott that's important. Hey it's you I'm here in Lincoln Center where the holidays are in full swing and today I am counting down my favorite cities across the country to experience the most illuminating holiday light. Well Sydney will feel because over the top for the holidays and this year even peeked out from that some exciting new holiday attraction. At fifty screens Intel and Disney have teamed up to bring you start crate things. To witness hundreds of lighted turnarounds. Taking over the night times. Next leavenworth Washington. Half a million telling the knife prepaid total winter wonderland. Flavor I carriage rides chestnut literally roasting on an open fire. Strolling Karen her musical performances it's us plates of Bavaria frank here when he left. You run into Louisiana. This year's celebration in the in new Orleans city park and celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of living life he had 25 acres of the park including the botanical garden story of man and parents outside. Hop on a tear mantra in nineteen ancient oak trees all lit up at night for a take it's been on the whimsical parents that. Thin small town friends in the very expect some big time holiday lights. Five million dazzling lights 1000 decorated Christmas feast to Broadway style protection and a five that's very special effects this mystery. Tough place no visit to me earth around the holidays is complete without a block down Fifth Avenue and it's been on the ice under the world famous. Rockefeller Center Christmas. And I. Okay. It is much more to CNN on the holidays in New York City light. Eliminate played in from the east and Africa place. Every thirty minutes you'll be mesmerized anything choreographed can keep up hundreds of lighted lanterns set to meet different holiday song. And children Brooklyn. If you haven't seen them thank and I played you I'm missing out. Over a 100000 people come to this week ahead. Every year to see family homes transformed into an ecstatic and holiday spectacle. This is second to put a smile on your feet this DC. There's still time to get out and it's black that's been cities across the country it's been great way to toasted the holiday season.

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{"id":44054104,"title":"Where to See Spectacular Lights This Holiday Season","duration":"2:54","description":"Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott has tips on where to find the very best Christmas light displays, if you're willing to hit the road to get into the holiday spirit!","url":"/WNN/video/spectacular-lights-holiday-season-44054104","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}