'Start Here' podcast: Remembering the 41st President

A former George H.W. Bush photographer recounts historic moments spent with the president.
1:23 | 12/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Start Here' podcast: Remembering the 41st President
The former president was a first hand witness of plenty of history and her daughter for their to capture many of those occasions in the Brad milky spoke with one of them warning Pratt. You guys there were so many moments that helped shape the legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush. One guy who was therefore a lot of them his personal photographer. David vault that's. Well this toll on his first day bush is vice president. And he speaks little grandson little jedi for the first time. In bold as and covering a lot of the scenes right George and Barbara Bush with their family which of them was so much more than a political dynasty. And I asked all day as she gets went to so many places together Wright was there one moment that you realized the world is changing right for enemy. When George Bush was vice president. We travel to Communist Poland and met with solidarity leader shipyard worker lack quarrel and sent. And Blackwell and to send some day you George Bush will be press in the United States and some day Poland will be free. And he said bush was raised to never take undue credit for yourself so when his aides wanted him to fly to Germany impose on top of the Berlin Wall bush said today is not about me. It's about them. We don't need to shot. Have a lot more on the legacy of George H. W. Bush on stark here later this morning listen on apple podcasts refuted podcasting app.

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{"duration":"1:23","description":"A former George H.W. Bush photographer recounts historic moments spent with the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59571010","title":"'Start Here' podcast: Remembering the 41st President","url":"/WNN/video/start-podcast-remembering-41st-president-59571010"}