Sully the service dog's next mission

Late President George HW Bush's yellow lab Sully takes an oath to support injured service members. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:39 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for Sully the service dog's next mission
The. You may remember we've been following the steps of late president George HW Bush's faithful companion Sally since the president's funeral back in December but now it's official Sally is got a new home bar will Ganz is here to tell us about it I. And good morning guys. After an emotional walked alongside former president George H. W. Bush in his final months solely the yellow lab is ready for his next assignment. Mission complete a president George HW Bush's funeral back in December and his best friend solely still by his side. But this morning solely HW bush taking on a brand new missions yellow lab fetching a new job. But the US navy at Walter Reed national military medical center near. Silly being named hospital corpsman second class. And an enlistment ceremony on Wednesday it's. Put up eighty. Joining that there needed dodge. Solely ready to get the support to patients at Walter Reed. The way he used just. Toward his former best friend and Jarrett and touches all lives. Susan gonna touch thousands of upon thousands live set to provide smiles to those who could use them there Walter Reed the president's dog from the visit here in the hospital. Let's go to your your attention. Like former President Bush himself who loves only so much put him out of therapy into the Sox. And like so he's namesake captain Sully Sullenberger the US air force that conveyed that miracle passenger jet landing in the Hudson. Solely devoting his life through service of others. The 41 president had said he wanted slowly to continue to help veterans and now solely is fulfilling that. Request that is such a sweet story and that the image of Sully there in front of the former president's casket such a touching photo period touching. It is always buys I didn't life and in dash and now hold continue his service and yes him getting sworn in as adorable right now with a little pop opera mini me ask. You know why. Didn't Sully retire after obviously what was the biggest sign that it but as you mentioned he's only two and a half he's young he's got a lot of work to do oh yeah and a lot of belly rubs to get. The last attack and I regret and around a hospital care a lot of folks are gonna get some joy out of volcanoes Sally Sally job well done. And onto the next assignment. US and let me ramps up its fifth at.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Late President George HW Bush's yellow lab Sully takes an oath to support injured service members. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61381640","title":"Sully the service dog's next mission","url":"/WNN/video/sully-service-dogs-mission-61381640"}