Super Bowl 50's Male Dominated Commercials

According to, women had no speaking roles in 64% of Super Bowl 50's national commercials and 50 of the 55 commercials had male directors.
2:56 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Super Bowl 50's Male Dominated Commercials
Time for the next you know the Oscars at the hash tag Oscars the white yes you could possibly say comfortable so male pop up like. Apparently. There was a lot of women in the Super Bowl Latin motto looked at the voices. And the directors and of the stars of the Super Bowl at and found that. Women had no voice in more than 60% of the commercial even Steve Steven Tyler was all that hair stayed even Steven Tyler you don't really count. They look that it looked at even 20% of Carson had no women Nadal compared to 5% that have no Matt. 41 of the commercials. That did contain women 56 didn't think to 56% did have us looking roll out and of those directors. Fifty of the directors out of 55 were nailed the directors of the commercials. Soft the good spot was U we did see Serena Williams Natalie want back. They're doing that the fair are powering and buds Budweiser did put out how to Maryland and Mary in an ancient but. We need up for game with women's event next. On Dexter goes by the way speaking of the super liberal of course we saw beyoncé is amazing performance there at the halftime show we're referring. For harm her new single formation and there's proof that stars what they were just like us because this is where bail outs he spent Saturday night. This whole house. I am with 210 degree views San Francisco Bay and guess how she got this house. I'm air B&B stopping at who's there being anything instead. And welcome person by the way it's 101000 dollars tonight I know I wouldn't get about quiet bedroom behind. Orchard trees. A hot quote. Privacy. That's where that but what we're doing fit for a queen. It is it gets yelled. Well. Basketball yes your expertise. And my expertise at the University of Rochester big and potentially mr. Brinker U that a C vets. There is this it's down a couple minutes under five seconds left the best thing you do is act of three Carolina its intent to write. And then you can rebound and make a quixotic that this never really works here did it didn't work. Nights it's incredibly difficult thing to do but these folks at the University of Rochester managed to make it happen to job for the year of. Those outlets we love our panda calf and from day to day today. And it the national zoo in DC this six month old panda there. What up a tree for the first time but then. It got stuck and who came to rescue that momma planned the bear came to rescue to get her down to get made me down. Look at that as an act here whether human or panda mom has always come medical at the math puts that it was around that with the legacy.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"According to, women had no speaking roles in 64% of Super Bowl 50's national commercials and 50 of the 55 commercials had male directors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36801771","title":"Super Bowl 50's Male Dominated Commercials","url":"/WNN/video/super-bowl-50s-male-dominated-commercials-36801771"}