Who Is the Taco Bell Shell Licker?

A photo is posted on Facebook of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of shells. Who is he?
2:54 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for Who Is the Taco Bell Shell Licker?
Welcome to the -- everybody we have -- makes full of food. Her starting -- with some shocking and disgusting -- euros news. -- -- OK so. Barely an employee that nobody knows who he is in -- Taco Bell that nobody knows where it is did something that's actually discussing and -- somebody posted on taco bells FaceBook page. And then -- They're making the talk show licking an entire taco shell the president -- this apparently his name is JJ O'Brien Nolan and he said. The shores of a lot about your employees Taco Bell now says it is trying to determine who that is talk -- -- and awareness is on although there is. Speculation that this happened and some place in California don't wanna say -- because I thank -- about it that's not the place. And in. But there and there's also some people out there I think this is -- just -- big joke and those are still Tyler Callahan -- -- in the garbage in any -- -- Now so we hope because. -- -- it just makes you wonder and everywhere in any restaurant what's going you know what I worked as a I worked as a waitress in a restaurant and -- I don't look anywhere. But the story is that I never saw that happen but the story Kendall another waiters who have been doing as much longer than I had told me everything that -- Easton customers. We'll they just didn't like for no good reason it is just stay true. You don't want to build -- ninety tier wage order comes out swinging. After the first night. You are my favorite today get the gold star because you bought some reporter involvement you brought us some sandwiches let me tell you about the -- -- was coming up stuff -- -- Glazed donuts breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin' Donuts -- heads assailants -- fried eggs bacon. And its -- Between a glazed doughnut my son got hold on America you eat I'll talk -- -- good. There's going to be part of the permanent menu starting on Friday with national donut day by the way it's creating quite a buzz -- -- Diana. There's a good. -- what I love about this is the glazed donut breakfast sandwich clocks in at 360 calories and apparently. It's better than the 390 calorie sandwich. Made of Turkey sausage that they're marketing as the healthy sandwich who's this unhealthy sandwich sort of speak is better than now this may not like and I don't know I -- police did you talk valley's -- -- but because you don't think the -- in the eggs in the vacant room. Don't they know how to get into it not working for me is why we're calling -- critical -- but I love that got thirty seconds new idea that is. We're gonna party than anything -- -- the union dragon it's hard to do all of the things I'm typically don't -- -- -- called many have written a -- And hold your drink I can put your money on top of the ring quiet and -- -- yeah. Would never put that on his fingers that's -- --

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{"id":19318347,"title":"Who Is the Taco Bell Shell Licker?","duration":"2:54","description":"A photo is posted on Facebook of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of shells. Who is he?","url":"/WNN/video/taco-bell-shell-licker-19318347","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}