Tech Breakthrough Helps The Blind See

A smartphone app connects volunteers with the visually-impaired so that they may lend their eyesight as needed.
3:18 | 02/17/15

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Transcript for Tech Breakthrough Helps The Blind See
According to the CDC more than one million Americans are legally blind and twelve million. Feeling impaired technology has played a significant role. And helping the blind but we're now on the verge of the true games that's right it comes in the form of a Smartphone app that allows any of us to lend a helping hand. Here's ABC's tech contributor teen interest. Tipsy sleep is legally blind. Doesn't stop her from getting around with the help her guide dog Ramona daily commute to her office in New York City it's easy. Still every day objects can pose a problem today that doesn't yet have braille dots inscribed on the face claim. Rendering the various patents meaningless here but. But and you have called bean Diane ice is about to shed light on the problem. He might I seizes that the connection to link blind and visually impaired users with volunteers from around the world who are willing to keep their eyes. Whenever they need arises if you're blind user you basically just put your phone's camera act whatever you need help seen. Act was created by Danish developers tally Christensen and tendency on the idea. Beat I came up with the idea when he realized that many of his line friends already use iTunes video calling feature for assistance early release to call someone. And that's where I came up with the idea that we should meandered through cool little food shortages Hulu. Jews call. Back in New York Chansi dials up a volunteer who helps her navigate the turns explaining. He's. Great Lakes speaker and my fingers out and get what in the middle. Now she knows where certain buttons are located she uses and related costs basement with braille dots. Okay battle mission accomplished here. At last count over 121000. Lying users had downloaded the app compared to nearly 884000. Volunteering to be there eyes. We totally provable way aren't. I'll be. There. Positive words for Chansi that app makes her life that much simpler. If. Keep in mind he can't really able or control any injuries involved. And it's not just under whatever happens we don't want my name meaning you sometimes that means asking a friend handling member Dan Wheeler person Stiller. This out there just neat things quickly easier more efficient. And for volunteers it's a surprisingly simple way to make a difference after its. And Eric tech girl Tina trend joins us now in the sentinel incredible Tina I mean you kind of wonder you have what happened before this technology for blind people. Exactly and there are apps out on the market right now that are geared towards buying people and they do very specific things but this is the first one that lets every day ordinary people. Help out and I think. You see it in the responds it's been -- leasing a lot of people getting on board anybody can be of service anybody can help out you just sign up download the app. And you're ready to go you can be contacted at any point. But not after 10 PM yeah. Might be readied a lender I think and make a difference in the make a real difference for folks were salute sight impaired. Sounds wonderful can't thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"A smartphone app connects volunteers with the visually-impaired so that they may lend their eyesight as needed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29014470","title":"Tech Breakthrough Helps The Blind See","url":"/WNN/video/tech-breakthrough-helps-blind-29014470"}