Tim Laird's tailgating party

Tim Laird, "chief entertaining officer" for Brown-Forman Corp., shows you how to make a major touchdown at your next tailgating party.
4:32 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Tim Laird's tailgating party
It's a great except at a tackling the next LK while I was out nick watt got the game plan from our friend to later. Touch stands tackles most importantly tell gates it's officially football season. Joining us this morning for some pasty tailgate party I did as its chief entertaining officer Tim Laird. Morning 10 good morning their kotsay what great ideas and what we like Hamas smells amazing it does it does it is our art Chile that we're used four different ways but let's start out of the beverages. I your love that trust me. This is my tailgate punch I love this very easily whom I've got 24 ounces of lemonade in there Bryant to that I'm an ad about twelve ounces. Of would spread reserve burba and so that's gonna kick up our tailgate parties green eyes and it's not for the driver and no this is not so that goes in and then here's where we take it another level. I've got a little Rosemary speer there really give us a little or where mandate it releases the oils and I have this wonderful incredible drink. Of course the alcohol free version is Troy tell it what it was was apparent that whiskey obviously. The up what for reserve urban twelve ounces or that 24 ounces of lemonade Sakura the Rosemary spear and that for the alcohol free version. Basically it's a little what bird I use. Ice t.'s so it's kind of an off Arnold or type drinks investing lawyer whose land as you hear you have you have some work to do so. Cheers to a good tailgate party though that's art critic yeah. Moon. Yeah that's a kicked up version and it's still lit up front denies bell all right chilly for different ways you're it is. When it starts out basically with an onion that I dice. Three bell peppers diced up rise juice of half a lemon. And then they cans RD measured this is a 28 Cannes ounces can of crushed tomatoes rice is a ten point 75 ounces of pure ray. Two made appearing and then of course four ounces of diced green chilies that president and then the spice is real simple six closed midst. And then we have a little bit one tablespoon dried oregano. One teaspoon of black pepper one quarter teaspoon of Ky and to give it a kick and not basically one tablespoon of but crewman saw and that could straddle. That cooks for about an hour on our regular stove top stock pot or about four to six in a slow cooker so very easy very simple easy to do LA's affordable ways in my tailgate party. First of all I like to set up toppers like got contribute equally took it out yet you have tried the vegetarian chili on its own but you could add ground beef a little bit hot Pena knows black beans cheese wheel hot sauce so you have it that way where you're tailgate guest build what they want. Of course a chilly dot we've been on DOS little mustered up there you want. And then if he had cost. Is that latter's yes as I've let's cross cultural rights and I don't approve it so loud you can do remain and then if you have costing you get a bully needs. And then the last way the fourth way which I really love. Up a little which he's down. Put the chilly on top. Little hollow Pena peppers and you've got some great not jealous but Howell finally in itself to voters there and it's actually but. Wouldn't this law Sharon in the backer cargo into the game had I mean how does this work doesn't strike me is good point here's what you do to when you move before the game rapid all in the loom well okay you got the top on it. And then rapid room and foil so that we Yugoslav surround your OK you're gonna know -- what you he's up on writing it began exactly or you're you're gonna agree all. Put this on aluminum pan that running a grill for your tailgate parties or even re heated at the heart are very simple very easy fun way. Really a nice way to set up what new year after game or even home gating. These are great tips to okay suppose gating watching the game at home whether that's what I call it. I'm the satellite yeah I got to drive anywhere that's reds right there especially reveals a weight gain yes is a great idea because again you're guests can build it how they want Wetherbee did not visible and aides the dogs and that's right yeah bone that easy back. Taste and Moore and portly you com. TV people cuts this smells. Tickets it is and you Everett's weak by the way this is an award winning chili recipe now we're we're sharing it with the world news now oh. Viewers are well done and that is why you are America's she epithets and Laird. Thank you very much for joining us this morning for these and more tasty tailgate party ideas there's our web site. W and and fans don't column. You're watching. Of these men.

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{"id":49872765,"title":"Tim Laird's tailgating party","duration":"4:32","description":"Tim Laird, \"chief entertaining officer\" for Brown-Forman Corp., shows you how to make a major touchdown at your next tailgating party. ","url":"/WNN/video/tim-lairds-tailgating-party-49872765","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}