Tips to Throw a Good Holiday Party

Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laid gives good ideas for cocktails and food that will help you throw a fun holiday party.
4:14 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Tips to Throw a Good Holiday Party
Really the best time of year for entertaining and your holiday gas are really hidden perjury America's cheap entertainment officer and cookbook opportune layered and here this morning. His drinks always have an extra kick get his food is always extra cent of what kids at. Good morning arena I've excited holidays are here and we have some fun tips. For easy holiday entertaining I would love it and I want to start out with my mistletoe martini. A great cocktail light refreshing initiate with by some of the start out with Bob accounts. Italy India. Tangerine vodka. To that three ounces of cranberry juice that goes in. Then I wanna give it could squeeze vocal line to sit just really needs to be and there are so good that it could squeeze. Now we're shake this up and especially prepared my martini glass that at a time. By really in this with a little bit of life in and did he give it a plate of sugars added. Decorating at. Blood and then I string this out into our prepared glass. General finally the last thing I would do it this when this I'll put off a little bit of Orvella campaign hearing which gives it a nice wheels Barkley knows. And then. You can use a lime garnish or you really want to have fun. You can use a Rosemary spears. We have cranberries. And that goes in boom that now created for an alcohol free version I the lives injuring. Instead of the thinly indeed hinge. Cranberry juice squeeze of lime. And then I'm a little sparkling water since you what you want those sparkling too loud when yeah so that's sitting right here is happy holidays home we do Reno are amazing. Yeah really good action on wild version that is it right this was picked up on. I picked up what are they gave me that. Title you have to go back to work I could go play so anyway had makes that they are now that makes cents here's a great idea this is a fun appetizers such around the holiday times so it makes a lot. And it's fairly inexpensive. In my ball have a Bob eight ounces of softened cream she had to get on an ad about a pound and a half a fresh crab or even. I thought he uses imitation crab OK it's very inexpensive is still tastes great. He'd give that'll start paying into debt coming at a couple of deaths as the worst Fisher talks that those in. And also kept telling Lou it is somewhat in salt. A couple of just that's just a little added to that you mix that up really well Hank and Austrian Finnish version beautiful I mix that. Put it into a dome. And then put altered or over the top cocktail sauce hot with capers various holiday crabbing crackers. Served with a little butter crackers or fails after people love that man finally here's a dessert item I love this this is a great idea because during the holidays there's always slept over five. Cell I'm gonna make go wild Berry. Milk shake out of volatile why this is a wild Berry pies quarter that you've got to do wanna put in this is happening half so far order six houses. That goes in all the way and then a couple cubes of ice. Just that easy three ingredients and I guess that would be a cherry five very tied prompted by what are we have loved over. Wow it really. There's plenty of vice ready to go I or remedies whose lives with her wonderful for the holidays and then if you wanna just give little taste her hand. This is absolutely delicious. Man. Wow. It almost taste healthy lead over it but that's across the process really works with any idea like gazette. Jerry pumpkin Barry when every abolition works becoming a neat just even better than the drink I think so how does simplify that and you're always get a breaking it down. Start way ahead of time. With a check list above what you can do in advance such as you know what you can shop for the non perishables you create your menu weeks in advance. Check it off as you're going down. That what you're not doing everything last minute in your party will go smoothly I love it says Santa not only one make Gillis and check that's why I can't if you will also suggest doing it absolutely thank you so much we love having you want to get the best ideas and and don't forget check out our FaceBook page for ten spent tactic recipes W and then fans dot com or Sharon happy happy holiday.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laid gives good ideas for cocktails and food that will help you throw a fun holiday party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35770404","title":"Tips to Throw a Good Holiday Party","url":"/WNN/video/tips-throw-good-holiday-party-35770404"}