'Tis the season for toys

The Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo has new holiday gift ideas for the kids.
4:05 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for 'Tis the season for toys
Hard to believe it is already time to start thinking about those holiday gift lists and my son's already working on one. And now never twin acres are offering something for every one. Joining us now with some of this year's hottest offerings as toy insider. Marissa DeBartolo. Good morning to you learning never too early to start your shopping right don't know that I had a Percy yeah I get started now absolutely arts and got a lot of toys to get there here is a Saudi. Peek of some of the hottest toys of the season so few awesome I have wanna get any of these are gonna wanna grab them quickly. So we're gonna sat listening for are really little kids this is the LeapFrog a safari learning station and and I love this because it grows with kids from six months all the way up to three years so that lots of sound effects and lights. And different things for kids to explore our. Got a lot for them to do yes definitely so a lot of different buttons they're gonna learn colors numbers shapes sounds there's a little ball drop there's tons of fun for kids here. That's its it's a little mom and dad are getting dinner ready to and so has this problem there and that the rate at definitely don't heading hippocampus. So next we have rescue rotten cedar really key because they teach kids all about pet rescue. So you find them scrappy and then you make them wealthy so they start out they have these little fleas on that they had to kick off with the included tweezers. Did that tears in their eyes and of course this fanatics are they have to brush through to get them. To be your perfect little puppy best friend. He's they're really really can't paint gives a man since of responsibility else absolutely add teaching them about the importance of rescuing path straight. Okay this is perfect for creative kids it's the Crayola crayons melt there. So this is Jeannie and also this really popular DIY project people where you know blow drying their crayons like some kind of not so it's kind of a plan that. C get the crown mouth or it's totally kids safe with that I heat resistant it here. And and that crayons just melts right incited it I have to do this press and you can draw. In crown that he's pretty awesome I saw tonight just a few days ago where we're doing a DIY project and have the dryer going and yes it didn't come out exactly as it should have grade yet to -- the blow dryer gas play but. This is this is full proof and it's much more kid friendly and safe for kids ages eight not so we look back. Okay kids love slime break free again about making their landslide and it seems finally it absolutely this is and you take it's called booze arrows and you're not some intriguing planet you're making slime balls so the point here you wanna feel less sure the point is you. Make these slime balls and then popped them open and watch them boo. Lose out. Isn't that goes I would just got out and he thinks happened as a leader told a gather very very slimy an Uzi and a lot of fun and of course a big mass of kids love that we get tougher assured me. OK we have here Gallaudet turtle they're packed one handed another aspect. Yet these and this is the rise of ending that teenage ninja turtles turtle tanks I love this because it's a two and wants this whole thing closes up into a truck. It's like vehicle you know attained that kids can roll it around or you have this mobile ops units you've got a secret lab up here then opened up. Yes tons of room for all of your TM and he figured so they'll have that. Speaking get creative with it absolutely it's a different story lines of course can't play out all those fears he's from the chaff and then I'll grab this wanna be here. There have X. Palm see some boundary is yes says this is really here. So this is playing on the Hong Kong's hang and the brutal rap club that regular rest aren't any real slimy about it. And then they have over fifty different sound and motion nominations they respond to cut them in touch sent an athlete had a freeze dance. So they love to sing similarly shaped that in the musical best passer and facts and also. Now that Libya knowing in the car and the just sitting there is getting go to sleep very quickly it's Harry is after parents as well Vince prosecutor Craig think he's so much we're not having me you can check out these toys and more this year's hottest holiday tours at. At the toy insider dot com. And on our website W and and fans found Kong toy insider MRSA DeBartolo would all the great joy thanks so much. You're watching him down he's.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo has new holiday gift ideas for the kids. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59413760","title":"'Tis the season for toys","url":"/WNN/video/tis-season-toys-59413760"}