Toy ideas for Christmas presents

With Christmas almost a week away, Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo reveals some great toys for every budget.
4:03 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for Toy ideas for Christmas presents
The countdown to Christmas is on only eat more shopping days left did he still leads in gift ideas for the kids. We're checking out toys for every budget don't worry. Joining us this morning as Marisa DeBartolo editor in chief of the toy insider Marisa good morning good morning thank you for joining us now all of this is where we begin we're gonna start with he will end of the budget some really great affordable ways and these are soft and slows when she's. Velvet edition and so. These are the hottest without their kids a lot beastly she's an all you can do is push them down and it's all about that slow rising heat Karen watching them come back to life. I love of velvet textured to his skeletal Fuzzy ness Tara very date games like hard to put these down once you pick them up printout at best. And I levees and they're just not many ninths okay price point not that ignites dislike school wishing NASA and this is like to stress reliever exactly exactly and many of these on my desk having. They're good for all agents. And then we have a great fourth game this crowd triple crops it's just 1999. I love board games to spare their for a while they have a lot of plate ITX camp. So in this game is all that training at three in a row the most time and so it's that can be. Greenberg is orange and you'll see that as you put them the pieces and they kind of push the pieces that were there before something is constantly changing this is like a new wage board did exactly at this point brand new this year and is just a little bit more challenging than senator standard like street around yes. And lots of fun. OK karaoke every runway at karaoke right. So this is the patent Disney M believes Hughes and good night gray yeah you've got to sing I guess I'm not I'm not a say and do next pet I. So this isn't great and you can out and also enjoy a really great light show at best chance OK make sure is this record he -- a play it you can record it and it plays your music it does it all okay I'm disassembled Bluetooth connection and even has a really cool voice control features you can tell which sign you wanna say Max OK not great fabulous and then every pop star needs a stage rain break since we have the anti cans and build and play pop stars stayed over there is as great as you build the site yourself using these really simple rods and connectors -- I was a kid you like tore apart moms winning cause Callender had a sheet should never exactly but you don't have to do that anymore with says. Everything you need is right inside the box inches 49 any action. That's fantastic in question how much is this gave the game in nineteen any nitrate carrier finishes up for a fact I'll take my Laurie yes. I think and then we have an awesome place that's so this is special like adventure treehouse place that he and I love this is it's all about classic old school unplugged imaginative clank yes and you get lots of different little figures all animals and and I'm people figures he can serve play any scene that you can imagine as a kid which is awesome. This is on the global over the higher and the budget it's about 79 dollars via C there's so much deep talent that's like the whole thing is so intricate and is offers kids type deal and build this let me put it all together yourself but it only days of governments pretty easily. And then yeah and then you can pleasant W a look at doll house or any other place yet. Also consider and that south gas and this is called peace of balances it connected board game. You would download the app on tutors are for our tablet. And then you can play the games this is all about building an ecosystem. And keeping it balanced so once you scanning you are. And a mall you have to. Add it to the ten key air and then you're gonna stack up this big tower of animals that are all gonna come to life inside the game. Holy power amazing how cool Pena thank you so much to ring him as I say gets of every budget possible. And for these and other lessen its way ideas check out the toy insider dot com. As well as our own web site WNN fans dot com. The two insiders Marisa DeBartolo thank you so much for joining us or you're watching world news now will be right back.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"With Christmas almost a week away, Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo reveals some great toys for every budget. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59858246","title":"Toy ideas for Christmas presents","url":"/WNN/video/toy-ideas-christmas-presents-59858246"}