Traveling to Cuba

ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports on the potential for change in Cuba as relations with the United States normalize.
2:23 | 12/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Traveling to Cuba
The new era in relations between the United States and Cuba has just about a week old now. Hardly enough time to make any judgments about any aspect of it to want hard. The wife that in his hair directly impacts is the possibility of more US tourists going to Cuba ABC's Serena Marshall has more from Havana. Cuba an island frozen in time just ninety miles south of the voting machines. You memorializing movies like the godfather he'd. You. This forbidden fruit of the Caribbean was a vacationers paradise. World class beaches colonial architecture he did just freight iron. Totally different than anywhere we've been around the world the fourth. Just so different it's very unique. Roaming this street's ability and a Americans like bill and Marjorie springer of Naples Florida yeah that'd be. While some Americans might take an alternate route to this embargoed nation. The screeners came legally as part of a cultural people to people program. Started in 2011 by President Obama to increase interactions with every day Cubans. Those wishing to go experience the island must go into toward who have special licenses. This spring or 6000 dollar weeklong tour mandate doing in more than 80000 Americans who visited so far this year. Com going out on vacation so it's. An expedition. Now you can visit the island if you're part of one of a dozen preapproved group's plea. But that could expand under President Obama as recent announcement. And you too can experience a country once not to be forbidden the average. Think this use standing here in Havana would be possible. Not back then I don't know how many into the seventies and eighties did not existing country maybe the way we felt much time and it never get. And neighbor now closer to being reopened for business a half century later Serena Marshall ABC news Havana Cuba. It's interesting because so many people wanna go in its place stuck in time but that that will change as more tourist dollars flowed through the countries and interesting it's necessary change Alitalia was there just in September as a tourist and it's a beautiful country but it. And there are a lot of broken down buildings that need help there's we'll see how the books next yourself.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports on the potential for change in Cuba as relations with the United States normalize. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27820357","title":"Traveling to Cuba","url":"/WNN/video/traveling-cuba-27820357"}