First woman to play Olaf from 'Frozen'

ABC News' Will Ganss sat down with Ryann Redmond to talk about her new role in the Broadway musical.
4:59 | 02/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First woman to play Olaf from 'Frozen'
Froze then that the musical opened on Broadway exactly one year ago this week. Your hats because something new has just flown in to Broadway are will scams as well as well. Now here to tell us off about it. I don't make a brother and I got out. I I'm so excited about this line. I want one on one with the froze his first ever lady bull lock me and we talked about her inspiring message for young women. And I got a backstage look at her journey to Aaron down. Understand and cope brilliant summer and Leah. For the first time in forever a woman is melting hearts playing a lot in frozen the Broadway musical or. All right lobby even more. The Broadway blockbuster welcoming Ryan Redmond to Aaron down to play everyone's favorite snowman. I like warm hugs the first female to play Olaf anywhere. Ever do you. How do you feel. I feel still slightly flabbergasted. And you yeah. Seemed sound despite appearing on the great white way and other shows landing this role in frozen coming as a snowy surprise to Ryan. And she wasn't able to let it go. But I think the emails even audition and I thought I was being pumped first of I don't I thought of him yeah action. I got the call on eighth avenue and running up and Downey avenue made him think you're gonna need the Nextel up. And it is screaming and crying on eighth avenue people really. It's no concerns. Yeah. Erica Josh gad who voices the character in the original movie and in the coming up frozen to. Sweeting his stamp of approval. Everybody's support is so exciting and especially Josh. Where he is the reason for the season so that I can get his approval and then. Hey okay. Well speaking of jobs. I have a surprise for the OG a lot sending warm wishes to frozen its newest star who wanted to send movement won't. Cairo and this is your dad the other a law. And I just wanted he wish you all the best on this monumental. Night. Compelling that Persian Jews currently in production he. Really well. You don't want you to. Eight or from. Casting off. So you'll have suited you well but. Well you know pretty well not. So with that endorsement Ryan has to feel pretty confident dancing her way onto the stage at the scene Jane's right well thanks to puppetry it's a little harder than you think. My right hand controls his mouth moving and then McDonald a total of eyebrows and his eyelids. And files up to remember to breeze and I also have a harness around my stomach so I can't. Breeds quite bullying is something a little easier perhaps a lightning round game to get to know this lady aloft as she calls herself. A little better I'll tell frees up the very best. Good frozen lakes president Todd. Are you ready I recommend for the game called him. Yes hearing gas shells. Have secret ice palace and what is endorsing her talent. My secret time is I can't talk to her mouth closed. Can we get a little to right. I'm so shook move a lot of kids look up to on hell's and Olaf. Look up tool what's in the carpool. Thing cooler and. Japan policy planning ladies what audience member Whitney for east if you saw beyond me. You're watching. Given help and advice and as queen V and queen also would vote celebrate at its core frozen is the story about female empowerment and self except. I feel. Thrilled that little girls are gonna come to frozen and you know that they can be contesting anything even snowman whenever they she. Like Ryan herself. That is a message deserving of its own standing ovation. Okay. Rob Lowe had frozen a Broadway musical is set to go on in North American tour later this year which means that everybody can. Go get a lop a warm hug of their own in their own hometown. Soon and this is such a good story well so cool and to see her on the way she controls on lots explaining controlling his eyebrows and pilots in his mouth everything there's a lot gone on now yeah. Yeah head a lot of expertise imagine how when or how long it takes to train for something like that I mean she's been rehearsing and rehearsing and and it paid off the southern part because it certainly cool you rob all right and.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss sat down with Ryann Redmond to talk about her new role in the Broadway musical. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61183914","title":"First woman to play Olaf from 'Frozen'","url":"/WNN/video/woman-play-olaf-frozen-61183914"}