World Cup Gets a Celebrity Finish

Shakira was among the performers at the closing ceremony in Brazil.
3:04 | 07/14/14

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Transcript for World Cup Gets a Celebrity Finish
Okay so -- skinny tie and then topping our headline this morning of course the world comp yesterday's finale was stunning even before things got under way take a look. My favorite song -- -- care how we love you rocket stage singing like a drum and -- -- meantime some high powered talent in. Fans -- -- -- David Letterman here in his three sons Brooklyn Cruz and Romeo. Gorgeous look at I love watching pictures of that and the action of their on the Argentines -- Yeah up -- get there an actor actually -- -- -- apparent during the finale in. Posting snapshots of its kind in Brazil on loans to grants -- Brazilian. Yeah function since examined this lady photo of herself with that there are just before the match she was there -- Bobby Tom Brady. All right up next look who's back Bill Cosby. Turning to the small screen pretty exciting I've loved the Cosby Show NBC executives have confirmed it had immediate could be returning to that network -- A new comedy and it could start as soon as this summer. Hope you get love the Cosby Show I love it cause he showed became a smash hit. For NBC thirty years ago didn't have to in thirty years -- can't believe that running for eight seasons that works at the upcoming Cosby show -- will depart from the current single camera -- they're gonna return to the classic. Multi camera format films. The front of a live studio audience next step passing to note for a rock and roll legend Tommy Ramone the founding drummer of the Ramones has died of cancer. He was the last surviving member of that group that really breathe life into the punk rock movement in the seventies and eighties. The Ramones debut album -- and just this April 38 years after its release in twelve years. After their induction into the rock and roll hall of fame Tommy -- Was 65 years old pretty Young Kim Kardashian now. It's back pedaling on a comment she made during an interview about expectant mom. Oh boy card that Sheehan the mother of the year of one year old was asked by reporter from Al magazine about pregnancy style -- her response. That pregnant woman women should -- -- home for a year and where it's huge blanket a whole little. Not a lot of -- -- -- that -- another Kardashian says she was being sarcastic. Always you know she's had so many fashion -- fires that were you watching her fashion -- no I'm not -- -- -- now haven't you follow more Michelle Obama made a it better Butler -- a bright articulate -- celebrity birthdays today. And topping our list that could blow -- out the candles football legend Rosie -- turned eighteen years old. Actress Jane Lynch is 54 today. Lots and party of five's Scott Matthew Fox turns 48 -- Dancing With The Stars. -- -- Detroit turns 28 happy birthday to all of them.

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{"id":24547882,"title":"World Cup Gets a Celebrity Finish","duration":"3:04","description":"Shakira was among the performers at the closing ceremony in Brazil.","url":"/WNN/video/world-cup-celebrity-finish-24547882","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}