2015 Grammy Awards

ABC's Entertainment Editor, Lesley Messer, recaps the biggest moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards.
4:30 | 02/09/15

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Transcript for 2015 Grammy Awards
Twelve music's biggest night for nothing and nobody bigger than Sam's making here and there. Granny sprint four grammys for the 22 year old but it wasn't all about standstill here to recap all the biggest moments is eighty feet entertainment editor Lesley messer. I loves him. I don't Sam Smith Sarah Palin still grave that he had win every. Are you sound reasons a lot of I couldn't eat kind of slept did everything he wanted me there you knew he was probably going pretty and they he probably did serious probably like wild time for acceptance speech for re rate now. But you know like you have to if you have to have someone garden state again and again and again. I don't think even the other nominees mind at that it was Sampson that this is someone whose album. With so incredible and his solo deserve bank in his speeches were so modest home run apple went well what would you say eight people worldwide. Of this year's show us I will always remember that says grammys 2015. Unplug. I married him sick man of quiet. Feelings. Not necessarily as a big black mark in the valley that was very first thing you think you'll hear it because Foreman is on lap eighty carries. We're here really into the mountains in the courtroom. That's the dilemma some highlight performance as Tony Taylor favorites so I love that he that yellow apartment and I. We love Rihanna Kanye and apparently her Bradman give him back and made him leave Bob. They job discovering that the calmer moment I don't all of that social media this poll look further for didn't get greater Kanye West to given that chance. But not very since it is so much fun this needs as the new group of from together to me Muzak I have Leon back to the day and I knew I hadn't been on dates back to line. Isn't really really fight the and since his Grammy snap to it being raped Taylor Swift wrote a big deal to have him back. And he with having a great time. Smiling in the front row they cannot do an interview you'll see from him. The end of that however great it. Here he joked around the fact he was barely came crashing in US trade it was it was a fun night for hadn't firm for her. Yeah let's do some bullet points for some and missed it but needs to sound kind of Smart by the white cooler tomorrow what do they need to know boxing champ while it sees Sam Smith as we discussed done. Killed at. There were so many different kinds of performances where artists that you might not necessarily think would perform together did dams met Mary. Shooting that you wouldn't necessarily picture together but go together really well as it turns out and any Linux an. I need in government work yet and I think Twitter basically exploded when she came out that with closure for taking your shirts it was. An unbelievable when I was an epic for. To see her dad you don't get to see economic report every day so what little disappointed though that like when you expected a big performance like right on say Brett. If there was a lot of slow music like it was like a fat wedding. Nearly waiting for that getting. We left thinking on and I think when they're hyping them beyond their performance you're sitting there waiting for her to come out to deal a drunken. Or an act out and she looked. Unbelievable home voice sounded great but it wasn't the performance I think we were both waiting for well and can't get about Madonna. Without and it has its benefits to six years old Canton but it's just my two cents. Looks like her legs off Graham about half. She looked unbelievable she she keeps reinventing itself decade after decade. About it Halloween Grammy Awards the woman has probably been to el any upsets. Well I think I would've expected to see Taylor Swift onstage just because I don't ever remember an awards show where she hasn't rate but now I think I expected. Sam to have. The big night it was. I've kind of monster record a great song was such a likable guys so honestly. While it would've been nice to see some other people and play. It's not so bad things have met on stage out knowing if if anyone deserved it the nice guy does. But eighty Kenya's entertainment editor Lesley messer think he's still my free you know all the high points of the ship thank you for having me.

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{"id":28826348,"title":"2015 Grammy Awards ","duration":"4:30","description":"ABC's Entertainment Editor, Lesley Messer, recaps the biggest moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards. ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-2015-grammy-awards-28826348","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}