Bindi Takes the Mirror Ball Trophy

Bindi Irwin basks in victory after winning the Mirror Ball trophy in the "Dancing with the Stars" finale.
4:28 | 11/25/15

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Transcript for Bindi Takes the Mirror Ball Trophy
The skinny lead this morning of course. Dancing with the stars and the big season finale is really an incredible night last night all thirteen stars returns. But it's Alan Shelley pin down to the final three. Alex cannot postpone it harder and. Okay Allen got the boot first taking it down to the final two Carter the former Backstreet boy oh. What attracts well respected lawyer whose last dance pulled in a perfect score and then didn't need them wildlife enthusiasts also getting a perfect score so forwarded beat. You know it had to be in the. No the fans voted footer over the top in. Hardly contain her excitement at seventeen year old. Who lost her father in 2006 overcome with joy I would not put her and partner -- hot day. Yeah I'm very excited about movies. This seems that I think this is the possibility I think that anxious. My family you know. Everyone. Who's done this season started tanking concerns island and together we have been inspired our business that's it. He's sweet where all you know their think things have suffered no question about it. In the way. I have to say this and big finale posting here which is so remarkable to see how excited she was at every week. I look at senator rather see a man in a mother. I look for the brain do not confined to watch aren't. I will likely hear what six or Mindy she's going to be on Good Morning America earlier on this morning with all the other finalists. The live in Times Square you're not saying much to say don't mail today. My sporting teams in my Dancing With The Stars. But exodus getting chest what you thought about couldn't be more but six she breaks yet another record to get a ballot queens album 25 sold more than two point Gormley. Million albums. Since its release last Friday that by the ways of biggest sales week in Nielsen's. History beating out and sing for their 2000 album. No strings attacked guess what she's not done yet and now projected to reach the three million mark before the week as op but still no streaming. Hussein and another record breaking record. Justin Bieber blowing up that starts with his new album purpose. Breaking up 51 year old record for having the most songs on the billboard hot 100. At the same time get this seventeen he beat up the beatles' let fourteen song charts back in nineteen. Boy he leader Beatles. Beatles the thanks so big news for marvel. Fan since Chris Evans and Robert Downey junior are you now have your first look at Captain America civil war. More the debentures superstars but first trailer for the film in Chile last night. What's in particular part of deceit and. Start. You know I wouldn't give us I have a choice. So isn't right. He comes wow. Now kept in America and our man going at it could this happen really we should mention that marvel is. A division of Disney ABC's parent company I don't know how he allowed just happened so that certainly encourage you to go see the movie many many times. You hold him to see the full movie until May or of next year. Also not hyping Intel may have queen's birthday celebration but already tickets are sold out her majesty's ninetieth birthday bash. So that in five hours yesterday 25000 spots up for grabs you celebrate her ninetieth birthday from 89. At forty celebrate what they're very few if the 900 horse that. And 15100 participants including musicians dancers and choirs as well as famous actors and artists members of the royal family will also be in attendance for all events. But the queen's only guaranteed any of the final show. And that they celebrate this every year so grant itself it's so random good. You get every year certain day of the year to think she gets to get terrorists. I went I think I. Coming up Turkey tips.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Bindi Irwin basks in victory after winning the Mirror Ball trophy in the \"Dancing with the Stars\" finale. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35407767","title":"Bindi Takes the Mirror Ball Trophy","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-bindi-takes-mirror-ball-trophy-35407767"}