Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Politicians and commentators react to Hillary Clinton's White House run.
2:57 | 04/13/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
So questions of the biggest news of the weekend involved one of the worst kept secrets in part that's right Hillary Clinton officially announcing her second attempt. And a White House run on social media she was the talk of the town on all of the Sunday morning shows. What will make sure that a candidate. Is a challenge in for some of what she is not a lovable personally she's not progressive enough. For some of what she's too hawkish. And being pushed former left flank. Make sure beta candidate left her own devices we see with the clintons doing that he's moved to the center. And a lot of people going to be disappointed in right now we don't see any ideas from the Republicans the only thing. That's holding them together as a criticism and Hillary but she's gonna talk about the economy she's gone to about foreign policy where she has a lot to say a lot of accomplishments. It is Republicans seem to have forgotten the mess that they left. This administration it so I think this is going to be a vigorous campaign and you know what's gonna happen undemocratic sad. We're gonna see more Americans excited to get out and vote this fall that she'll have to answer questions in a way that she didn't have to answer as private citizen Hillary Clinton shall have to answer questions about things like her emails. Things like her record things like Clinton ink the Family Foundation that Sadr clintons have thrived when their opponents. Overreached. Yet I think they should get what you nor Hillary Clinton accused into a load to the American public they should make their own case. I think the natural tendency will be to change parties that traders in the White House I don't think her numbers reflect great given how well known she has. So the robot assisted to make a positive case for their conservative reform agenda at home and very much stronger foreign policy abrupt. If you look at the facts of the scandal that surrounds are you look at the facts of the recent polling where a majority of people and battleground states say that she's untrustworthy. When you look at the fact that she has a 100% name IDs job majority. Are majority of the people pulled him to and Colorado Virginia. Iowa Florida said that she's untrustworthy. I think the thing is about the clintons is that there's a certain sense that they think they're above the law and I think there's also this brand hypocrisy. For the clintons in the sense that. He's got this whole thing this war on women thing that they like to talk about he had Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that rape victims or publicly lashed. Well I think the American people are making that case already had you've seen in polls and end discussions across the country a feeling that. Hillary Clinton as just not trustworthy. This whole story about her having erased all of or emails even though they were subject to. To recall and review by by congress I think that's made people remember that with the clintons it's always sounds like. You can already see the arguments warming against Hillary Clinton you know she's a major figure so in some ways she's going to be a major target. From whom the Democratic Party would go up against some people are considering a run but it's a very tall mountain to climb but. You know what is adjusting his tore across the country she's trying to address which she calls pocketbook issues that are confronting the average American so. Let's see how she doesn't amount to war.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Politicians and commentators react to Hillary Clinton's White House run. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30274197","title":"Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-hillary-clinton-announces-2016-presidential-30274197"}