Zoom users turn to Botox

As people spend more time staring at themselves on camera, they're turning to Botox to help get that picture-perfect look. ABC's Will Ganss reports.
2:02 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Zoom users turn to Botox
Xoom is now home to work meetings and wedding bells and everything in between and it turns out the old ring light just won't cut it anymore are seeing their knuckles narrowed her scene is Shane and their profiler create. It's something Gabby Garrett title calls the zoom affect people of. Dean quite realized before how acted in Maine where they're expressions so. There are now seeing those eyebrows really reasoning here and there there's dying here occurring and there. If I've learned anything from a year's worth gives him calls instead I really really need Botox. I had no idea I needed Botox until this year. If you pay for a Zune subscription you should get some Botox with it. Still we're turning to inject the bulls to help and it's not just your mama's slipped pillars millennial for the fastest growing segment across the aesthetics industry whether they're working from home or wanting to look your best for major life events like. Virtual engagement parties are still weddings. What is here by people who are looking at themselves and starting to see little things. Are depressed and it might not noticed this year. So my advice would be to schedule a virtual consultation and jacked when I think about the skin until of the canvas of the face and so we're hearing is even called and it's something that. Everyone is looking out of looking at things such as hyper pigmentation in her dryer Dole's and there are so many great options out there. And what of the big selling points for first timers you'll be able to recover at home in peace. And you might not even have to missed the afternoon meeting pregnancy have a zine called later in ninety. More likely than not you can probably take Collin Nolan has any idea anyhow I'm not done. I'd to just in case you don't know already one good step to take before Botox turn on your resume filter you just click on your profile picture than going to the settings. Then click touch up my appearance and use that slider affect. To adjust the effect there. We have filters here Doug you're just that beautiful Hannah Howell plug IRS. Maybe.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"As people spend more time staring at themselves on camera, they're turning to Botox to help get that picture-perfect look. ABC's Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75941450","title":"Zoom users turn to Botox","url":"/WNN/video/zoom-users-turn-botox-75941450"}