Aftershocks continue to rock the Anchorage area

Workers continue to clean up damage from Friday's powerful 7.0 earthquake in Alaska.
1:26 | 12/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aftershocks continue to rock the Anchorage area
Hundreds of aftershocks since Friday. Crews working around the clock, racing to repair the damage. Will Carr is in Anchorage. Reporter: More than 1,200 aftershocks have rattled southern Alaska since that 7.0 earthquake. Cracking homes and buildings, crumbling roads. You can see where this crack is snaking across the highway. In the distance, the road is crumbled, and drivers tell us they are lucky to be alive. I looked back at my kid. I started to see the road sink. Reporter: Chris Riekena and his son were driving behind this red SUV when the road started rumbling like a roller coaster. Riekena, who works for the department of transportation, is now helping with the cleanup. When are they hoping to have this back up and running by? They're hoping to have it open for Monday traffic. Reporter: You guys work fast here. We do our best. Alaskans are a hearty, independent bunch for sure. Reporter: Caleb Newville works inside the tower at Merrill field airport, which incurred serious damage, but was back up and running in a matter of hours. Do you feel Alaska was ready for this earthquake? I think so. If you look around the city, you can see life is almost back to Normal. And it really does show the level of preparedness that we have here. Reporter: This is one of the last roads still with significant damage. As you can tell, this has become something of a local attraction. Beyond this, the department of transportation has done a good job getting everything back up and running. Will, thank you. And there's much more ahead on "World news tonight" this

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"Workers continue to clean up damage from Friday's powerful 7.0 earthquake in Alaska.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59563524","title":"Aftershocks continue to rock the Anchorage area","url":"/WNT/video/aftershocks-continue-rock-anchorage-area-59563524"}