Record-Breaking Rainfall in New Mexico Leads to Flash Floods

The summer of extreme weather continues as Albuquerque roads are turned into rivers.
2:26 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Record-Breaking Rainfall in New Mexico Leads to Flash Floods
Across the country tonight flash flood watches for several states from the southwest all the way to the East Coast. New Mexico hit especially hard take a look at this and clutching a trash can as waters raged through downtown Albuquerque. He's one of millions of people coping with wet weather tonight ABC's brandy hit has the story. Rushing water taking over the streets of Albuquerque. Roads turned into rivers drivers abandoning their vehicles some swimming to safety others needing rescue. The record breaking rainfall also flooding at least 25 homes in New Mexico. -- contrary. It's been a summer of extreme weather from tornadoes a New England to raging wildfires out west. -- new evacuations have been ordered in central Washington due to recurring fires. In organ this woman was also forced to leave her home behind. You look around and you -- -- -- Atlantic out. And in northern California. Nearly a thousand lightning strikes sparking fires including this massive place forcing more mandatory evacuations. And this is why this year's wildfire season is so dangerous -- on what should be the bottom of a lake water levels here are 75 feet below normal. Fire crews are stretched and Cecilia as is the watered they desperately need. Stretched thin indeed -- hit thank you very much meteorologist Mike welcome of our Boston station WCVB. Joins me now -- you heard Randi mentioned those -- how much rain are we looking at this weekend. We're looking -- another one to three inches of rain flooding downpours out into that part of the country five states are involved -- watches and warnings. And unfortunately it's not to be making its way back at a California. Drought stricken California that could really use the rain and on the East Coast more flooding issues as well through the Carolinas into parts of Virginia we are seeing anywhere between two and -- of -- As much as a half foot of rain could fall tomorrow and that's the reason there are flash flood watches and warnings up for much of the East Coast going to be a wet weekend so where is tropical storm -- but tonight. Bertha is way -- the Atlantic right now near Puerto Rico it is spinning away but it's very dis organized at this point. -- continue to track its way to the north and then eventually towards the northwest. All the computer models right now say it will stay well offshore however any time you have a tropical system along the East Coast you want to be very alert to what's happening. We're watching it meteorologist Mike welcome thank --

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The summer of extreme weather continues as Albuquerque roads are turned into rivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24821529","title":"Record-Breaking Rainfall in New Mexico Leads to Flash Floods","url":"/WNT/video/albuquerque-mexico-flooding-record-breaking-rainfall-mexico-leads-24821529"}