Amazon driver finds abandoned baby

Surveillance footage shows a suspect leaving the infant in a carrier on the side of the road.
1:22 | 01/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon driver finds abandoned baby
Next to a carjacking in Houston, and a rescue. An Amazon driver finding an abandoned baby while driving his rounds. Video showing the suspect leaving the infant on the ground, about a mile from where the car was stolen. Here's zohreen shah. Reporter: Tonight, the terrifying carjacking, a 5-month-old trapped in a stolen car. This is the moment the suspect left him on the side of a Houston road. It's a gray Toyota RAV4 with a child inside of the vehicle. Reporter: Police frantically searching for the infant. Minutes later, surveillance video showing Amazon driver Juan Carlos flores pulling up, finding the baby boy in this car seat. When I went close to the baby I wanted to cry, because I say it's impossible the baby can be here on the side of the street alone? Reporter: That hero driver alerting the nearest neighbor, bringing the baby boy into their house. Flores, finding police nearby, who reunited the family. They came, like, five to ten cars of police with the mom, like, crying. Reporter: The suspect still at large. The entire ordeal happening in less than 30 minutes. Flores, a father himself, saying -- The best thing that's happened to me in my job. Reporter: Tom, that Amazon drive telling me he works six days a week, ten-hour shifts, delivered thousands of packages, but this is the most important delivery he ever made. Tom? No doubt. We salute that driver. Zohreen, thank you. Still ahead on "World news

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"Surveillance footage shows a suspect leaving the infant in a carrier on the side of the road.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75459920","title":"Amazon driver finds abandoned baby","url":"/WNT/video/amazon-driver-finds-abandoned-baby-75459920"}