Americans buy American-made goods from around the country

Entrepreneurial companies share their "Made in America" creations this holiday season.
2:02 | 12/21/17

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Transcript for Americans buy American-made goods from around the country
low or $0 copay. Our made in America Christmas. So many of you sending in your one thing, and so many viewers listening. Hi, David. Reporter: This Chris has, we asked and you delivered. Merry Christmas. Reporter: Your one thing, made in America. And your pitches, too. Hi, David. My name's Chris Cushing. Reporter: Your own made in America products. I'd like to introduce you to cush's home grown salsa. Reporter: They ship to all 50 states. Made in America. Hey, David. Reporter: And Callie Simpson and the memory foam night pillows. Hand crafted in the heartland of America by good old American ingenui ingenuity. Reporter: 18,000 pillows sold in three years. Happy holidays. Hi, David! Reporter: Peter borrow baskets. Still family owned. The appalachian white ash wood from all over new England. 28 workers cutting, hand weaving and adding the finishing touches. 135,000 baskets this Christmas. And then, what so many of you at home have bought already. Hi, David. Reporter: The green glove dryer. What to do with those wet gloves. You saw and you ordered. Since we've aired, this is just one round of today. Reporter: Sales up 60%. We can hardly keep up, but we're doing it. Thank you, David, thank you, "World news tonight." Reporter: And Laura from Cincinnati, Ohio. Doscher's candy, hundreds of new orders after you saw them here. Made in America. Reporter: And the tree company in Mckin leeville, California. The kit, so you can grow the Christmas tree yourself. Since being featured on made in America, we have shipped thousands of kits all across America. Reporter: Four times the usual orders. And new hires tonight. Thank you very much, "World news tonight." You're welcome. Americans helping Americans. Thanks for watching here on a Thursday.

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{"id":51942590,"title":"Americans buy American-made goods from around the country ","duration":"2:02","description":"Entrepreneurial companies share their \"Made in America\" creations this holiday season.","url":"/WNT/video/americans-buy-american-made-goods-country-51942590","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}