Bill Cosby goes to jail

Cosby was led away in handcuffs Tuesday, sentenced to 3 to 10 years.
3:21 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for Bill Cosby goes to jail
onceeloved tdad.t a judgeow determining thatis a ally viole predat C cuffed and immediately se remarkae fall full view te today. The old cby handcuffed, being led away ere. His legaeaing short time later with an what theydeclared Cosby, his booking phototn tonight, sentenced three T N eh he washed of drugging sexually assaultin Andrea constand. ABC's linsey dav in the courtroom today, and she leads us off, any count, sir? Reporter: Tonight, bill C spenngst night bin ba. Aftemerging fm courtroom in huffs today, sentenced to three to ten years in prison. We got justice. Reporter: Just after sentencing, andronstand, T man who Cosby was found guilty of drugging and sexually ting, withmiemg former model ninson. St one of ughly a don cose byccusers W in court to witness this moment hos with silent tears anervent nodashe judge delivered what they are calling justice. Ever think that day waing to come?t of this for 32 yea. EP judge als ruled daby will be classified as a sexually violent predator. While Cosby E to stay silent, a portion of constand's victim impacstatement was Y "Bl ok my beauti healthy young spirit and crushed it." Cosby's wife O years, Camille cosb abs today, but his publicilasting th trial.s has beenhe racistand sexist trialthe historhe united Ates. Reporter: Cosby plans to appeal his conviction. For decades, defennt has been a to his true self and hide his crimes. Orter: It'been a long road 34 months since hisrest. The former of Jell-O and cocaola, tonight pictured Because iso. I said it, it's beautiful, Iove you. I love you, too. Reporter: The once ve law. "I cannot offer special treatment because of who he is or who he was. Fallen aels suer most."ou are a sgusting human that jail time and prison might bring to you. Reporhours after defense ared 81-ye-old sby is too bnfirmed for pr, Cosby seen into county jail And linsey Davis with U livetonight. She's been covg this ce om the start. Were I ca describe Cosby's demeanor, andt's goi to mine hereow much time business Cosby actually serves Reporter: David, I say thill Cosby didn't seem surprid outcome. I might even add that he ared to be emotionally, lyprep. Eligibleo be leased. At that point, a number of ors would into ld walkree including his age and also behavi. David? Linsevis tonit, the oth major story, the that pub hearing.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Cosby was led away in handcuffs Tuesday, sentenced to 3 to 10 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58080146","title":"Bill Cosby goes to jail","url":"/WNT/video/bill-cosby-jail-58080146"}