Celebrating America's Christmas tree farms

Holiday Tree Farms in Corvalis, Oregon has been in the Schudel family since 1955.
2:07 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Celebrating America's Christmas tree farms
Finally tonight here, made in America Christmas is back and every year, we want to know your one thing. And tonight, we start with perhaps the most obvious, the one thing growing for years. For years now, made in America Christmas and your one thing. And one of the most obvious buys, the Christmas tree. Hi, merry Christmas. We wanted to know, where in America are these trees from? North Carolina, Pennsylvania. Reporter: Musing to our ears. From O side of the country to the other, we are celebrating the tree farms tonight. This one in corvallis, Oregon, holiday tree farms. Since 1955. Hal there on the right and his son, Daves and Steve, they started young. His son John, too, on the right. And what goes into it all? There's a little bit of horticulture, a little bit of agriculture and a little bit of magic. Reporter: We love some Christmas magic. Scott is the nursery manager, he's already thinking about christmases to come. So, this is what we're it's a really great feeling knows that each one of these was handled by hand by hundreds of people over the course of about ten years before it's actually delivered to its final customer. Reporter: A full decade or more before your living room and Scott's happy, just under two weeks to go. Of course it's my favorite time of year. Reporter: All those seedlings end up in the fields. John, one of those sons, still cutting them down by hand. Today, we are shipping approximately 1 million trees per year. Reporter: 1 million trees, 7,500 acres, up to 900 employees. And helicopters, too, to carry some of those trees to the trucks. Then to the warehouse in L.A. And then to tree stands and stores everywhere. Elias Lopez here for 28 years. Once you do it for the first year, it's in your blood, the scent of the Christmas trees. Reporter: We follow the trees to fallbrook, California, at the vineyard 1924. Santa was waiting. It's the reason for the season. You wait all year for your tree. Reporter: And that's music to their ears back where those trees are -- Made in America! We love made in America. Send me your videos, tweet me or postme your Vo: This guy spends his time tweeting. This guy gets things done. Bloomberg built a global news and information company by taking on the toughest competition -

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Holiday Tree Farms in Corvalis, Oregon has been in the Schudel family since 1955.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67700119","title":"Celebrating America's Christmas tree farms","url":"/WNT/video/celebrating-americas-tree-farms-67700119"}