Cohen now cooperating with Mueller

Michael Cohen's lawyer explained that his client is willing to help Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation.
2:49 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Cohen now cooperating with Mueller
As I mentioned, Michael Cohen tonight is signghe's ready Tok the special cosel. Mil Cohen's attorney is suggesting Cohen is ready to talk about somethielse. Re's ABC's chief national affairs correspondeom mallamas tonight. Eporter:eaving court, michaelen was silen what's your message to president? Doing all talking today, his lawylanny Davis. And he with skuzed if cen is ready tel all to special counsel Robert Mueller. Yes. 0%. Reporter: Michael Cohen claims that Jore the election, president trump himself directed an effort to silence two women who claimed to have hate affairs with him. Prosecutors they have a mountain of evidence about the Huey scheme. Dont seized electronic vices and audio recording made Cohen. Also, text ages, phone records, e-mails. All of this on top of witness stimony.cohen's wlaur says hislients ready to talk, and Nott about payoffs, butboutussian hacking and what president trump might have known. Ssia, if you'reliing, I hope you're able to find the 3000ails that are missing. Orter: N's attorney now ssting his client hasinformation about whether Donald Trump ken advance about the ssn hacking.ocrats e-mails were later distributed byikileaks. I can tell you THR. Cohen has knowledge on certa subjects that should of interest to the special counsel. Knowledge a the computer crof hacking and WER or not Mr. Trump knew D of time about that crime and even cheeret on. Reporter: Cohen H pleaded guilty to eight fel charges, but there was no agreement T cooperate with T fal governme he's hoping sharing information with investigators now help reduce his prison sentence. Wouhael Cohen aept a esidential pa? Does he want on He will not and does not want anything from Donald Trump. Af working for him all of those years, he came to the recognition that dtrump is asident unsuitable to have that off. So, let's get to Tom llamas with us again Toni and Michael coalen is heduled to B sentenced on dec. It would appear he's eag to lk with state and federal in investigators. And you have news about a N subp? Reporter: Ts right. A new dopment there, David. This has to D W the Donald Trump foundation. June, they were sued by the new yoorney general, accused of self-dealing and illegally coordinating with the trump campaign. Cog to "The New York Times," Michael Cohen received th suba today and called state investigators back asking them wn they were ready totalk. David? Tom llamas with usgaintonight. Thank you, Tom.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Michael Cohen's lawyer explained that his client is willing to help Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57344111","title":"Cohen now cooperating with Mueller","url":"/WNT/video/cohen-now-cooperating-mueller-57344111"}