Midwest Freezing With 20 Below Wind Chills

Cold weather heads South with snow and ice forecast in Texas and Louisiana.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for Midwest Freezing With 20 Below Wind Chills
together, Americans from north to south in this country, are starting to feel a new arctic freeze. And you can see it happening in the windy city already. The Chicago waterway, an obstacle course of ice. And even if you travel south 500 miles to Tennessee, a frozen waterfall. We've been telling you a lot about the cold this winter. But here's what's different tonight. This arctic blast is driving as far south as Texas and Florida. And they could both get hit by treacherous snow and ice. And our extreme weather team is ready to show you how cold it will get, how fast. ABC's Alex Perez starting us off. Reporter: This is the battle millions are facing across a frozen midwest. Blowing snow and dangerous whiteout conditions, shutting down roads, making cars just disappear. In kankakee, Illinois, this bus sliding right off the road. In parts of Colorado, pileup after pileup. 27 states are coping with brutal, dangerous windchills tonight. In Chicago, the city's 400,000 students told to stay home today and tomorrow. Across Minnesota, schools closed due to plunging temperature. Minneapolis feels like 20 below zero. I don't like it. Reporter: In rural Minnesota, the propane that Ron Selleck expected would keep his house warm until March nearly finished Friday. His home down to 40 degrees at 1 point, relying on layers, space heaters and an electric blanket just to survive. That electric blanket maybe saved you a couple nights? Oh, for sure. Reporter: He's one of millions of Americans who rely on propane to stay warm. Facing a nationwide shortage and surging prices, he had to turn to the Salvation Army to help him buy fuel. Last month, how much were you paying a gallon? It was $2.39. Reporter: This month? $4.9. Reporter: Another big problem, the relentless snow. Indianapolis on track to have the snowiest January ever recorded. In Chicago, four feet of snow since November, more than the city usually gets all season. In Alaska, above-average temps are the problem, triggering this massive avalanche, blocking the only road that leads to the town of Valdez. Food is being shipped to the town by barge. The snow, ice and cold in the midwest now moving south. In Alabama, they're salting roads and preparing for the worst. We're not geared up to do 1,000 miles of road if they ice up. We just have to close the roads. Reporter: And that ice, still a big concern here in the midwest. It seems to be just about everywhere. And we're actually standing near minihaha falls tonight. And completely frozen over. Strangely beautiful, too. Thank you, Alex. I want to bring in ABC's meteorologist, ginger zee for a look ahead. There's been warnings that have gone down from Texas to southern Maryland. Happening now. Snow and ice. And how much we expect tomorrow. That's Tuesday into Wednesday, for most folks. That low slides across. It is plenty cold. And we are in the three-inch to six-inch range in the white. Pink or maroon, that's more than a half-foot of snow. And then, there will be the ice. This will make it extra messy, from southeastern Georgia up through south and north Carolina. Something we're going to be watching, especially for the towns that just aren't used to it. They either don't have plows or salt. Or places like Houston just have sand to put on the icy places. For a moment, ginger, look ahead to the super bowl. Are you predicting temperatures in the 30s? Yes. It looks like the moderating trend Gettings on by the end of the week. We're fortunate we're not having the super bowl tomorrow or Wednesday. the entire extreme weather team.

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{"id":22258971,"title":"Midwest Freezing With 20 Below Wind Chills","duration":"3:00","description":"Cold weather heads South with snow and ice forecast in Texas and Louisiana.","url":"/WNT/video/cold-weather-forecast-south-texas-ready-snow-ice-22258971","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}