College students connect farmers with food banks

FarmLink has helped deliver 30,000 pounds of vegetables to Heart of Compassion food bank and more across the country amid the pandemic.
2:38 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for College students connect farmers with food banks
Finally tonight here, America strong. It was nearly three months ago, we showed you some images here that had us all wondering, is there any way someone can step in to help? Tonight, they are the young people across this country answering the call. After seeing those long food lines at food banks across the nation. It was nearly three months ago, we first reported on those images, farmers forced to discard spoiled food and milk. But we asked, how do we get that food to families who need it? Then, the college students starting farm link. First telling us weeks ago they were going to connect farmers with those food banks. Alex working the phones. Millions of gallons of free milk. Reporter: Getting milk to communities in need. Here we go. Reporter: Zac Harleston too. Fresh eggs on the way. I wanted to confirm delivery of a pallet of eggs. Reporter: Zac telling us he's seen the need. David, I just want to tell you that it's been so powerful to see so many people throughout the country coming together. Reporter: Just today in los Angeles, farmlink delivering 30,000 pounds of broccoli, cauliflower and mixed greens. Five food banks across Massachusetts receiving 15,000 pounds of carrots, mixed greens, spinach, and potatoes. And? Arizona tonight, 40,000 pounds of potatoes delivered to the white mountain apacher tribe. And since our first report here, tonight, we are happy to show that farmlink has now delivered more than 4 million pounds of food to food banks across 28 states. The equivalent of 3.5 million meals. Helping organizations including feed the front lines nyc. We got more potatoes. Reporter: They have now delivered more than 124,000 free meals. And they've helped local restaurants rehire more than 100 employees. All with the help of formers including Doug hessal fall river farms in Ashton, Idaho, donating his potatoes. Just tloed truck here. Reporter: We remember Hayden Riley helping Doug. We're roding these into a Reporter: 40,000 pounds of potatoes donated that day alone. And why he's still at it. David, we started farmlynn wk a goal of keeping families fed during the covid-19 pandemic. Food insecurity isn't going away any time soon and neither are we. Hey, David. Reporter: And that farmer telling us he is thankful for the help. I'd like to thank farmlink for helping me move 120,000 pounds of potatoes that otherwise would have gone to waste to people here in America. Thanks. The young people stepping up. We are grateful and proud. Good night.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"FarmLink has helped deliver 30,000 pounds of vegetables to Heart of Compassion food bank and more across the country amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71461360","title":"College students connect farmers with food banks","url":"/WNT/video/college-students-connect-farmers-food-banks-71461360"}