Dangerous and Furious Floods Trap People in the West

Phoenix, Arizona underwater as homes and cars are no match for rushing water.
2:04 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous and Furious Floods Trap People in the West
now, right here at home to the dangerous weather in the west. Phoenix under water tonight. Highways flooded, families call in the deluge. ABC's meteorologist ginger zee now on the rescues still unfolding at this hour. Reporter: Waving a white sheet, desperate for help. Furious flash floods trapping two people in this crumbling home north of Phoenix. Watch as the water climbs the walls, already off its foundation, the only thing keeping this house from washing away -- that tree. A rescuer dangling from the chopper, landing on the roof. The water receding so quickly rescuers able to walk the people and their dogs out safely. Because of the speed of the water, the depth of the water, you don't even know what's underneath you. A lot of times you may think it's just hard land and it's a sink hole. Reporter: Dangerous scenes unfolding all over the valley. A rescue helicopter landing right next to the turbulent water. Officers rushing in, breaking the window, pulling a woman from this van. At least a dozen water rescues. Intense monsoon rains bringing up to five inches in just hours north of Phoenix. That swell of brown water on highways, rushing toward and cutting off traffic for miles. You can hear it plowing through the washes. Erupting from a manhole. Even after the rain stops falling, the runoff forcing floods for hours. Inches of mud caking the roads. And rain is still falling tonight. Look at the flash flood threat. There are flash flood watches and warnings still throughout the southwest. Parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Those go through this evening. But I also wanted to show you this. Ahead of the storms comes wind and the gusts bringing some dust. Visibilities at this regional airport down to zero. They had to shut it down for a time and finally, Diane, severe weather threat is on. Severe thunderstorms already reported in southeast Michigan, all the way to Kentucky tonight. Here it comes and right in the center of the country.

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{"id":25045616,"title":"Dangerous and Furious Floods Trap People in the West","duration":"2:04","description":"Phoenix, Arizona underwater as homes and cars are no match for rushing water.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-furious-floods-trap-people-west-25045616","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}