Dangerous weather threatens both coasts

The West Coast faces record-breaking heat while the East Coast is on alert for flash flooding and damaging winds.
2:30 | 07/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous weather threatens both coasts
Now the our other major story tonight, the dangerous weather threats on both coasts. 48 million people in the northeast on alert for flash flooding and damaging winds. These images just coming in from New Jersey. You can see the high water. Cars trying to get through it. And in the west, record-breaking heat and drought feeling dozens of large fires. The bootleg in Oregon exploding in size. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano tracking it all. Reporter: Tonight, dangerous weather threatening both coasts. This menacing cloud, part of the severe storms slamming millions in the northeast with damaging winds and flash flooding. The same system hitting Detroit with torrential rains. Officers rescuing this driver who was left stranded on the roof of his car, using a boat to bring him to safety. But a completely different story in the west, where the record-setting drought and heat is fueling dozens of wildfires. The biggest now burning in California and Oregon. Firefighters there scrambling to control the flames. The bootleg fire in southern Oregon scorching more than 280,000 acres, bigger than the size of New York City. This satellite image from noaa capturing the raging wildfire from space. In northern California, the Dixie fire, just a few miles from the deadly 2018 fire in paradise, California, where the town was nearly burned to the ground, has this homeowner worried it could all happen again. We're having a lot of fires every year and they're really, really bad. Just the mixture of hot, dry, and drought and struggling trees, stressed forests, poor forest management. Reporter: Back in the east, residents in New York and New Jersey now dealing with flash floods, with the promise of more severe weather to come. And it's already been a wet July there. Rob Marciano back with us. Time out those storms for us happening right now in the east. Reporter: We've already had one round, whit, and we've got another one coming tonight. As you mentioned it's been very the last time it was this wet in July was 1975, and we're only halfway through the month. Flash flood watches posted as well as severe thunderstorm watches for much of the northeast, including the big cities. There you see the next cluster moving through eastern Pennsylvania. Timing it out, it moves through the I-95 quarter. Eventually through Boston in the morning lingering across parts of new England tomorrow. In the west, more red-flag warnings posted for California. Fire watch there as the heat continues to build in Montana. Whit? Rob, thanks, and see you tomorrow on "Gma."

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The West Coast faces record-breaking heat while the East Coast is on alert for flash flooding and damaging winds. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78906715","title":"Dangerous weather threatens both coasts","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-weather-threatens-coasts-78906715"}