7 dead after B-17 crash at Connecticut airport

The NTSB is sorting through the wreckage after the fiery crash at Bradley International Airport.
2:04 | 10/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 7 dead after B-17 crash at Connecticut airport
Meantime, the investigation into that deadly plane crash in the northeast at the second-busiest airport in new England. The World War II bomber crashing into that warehouse, killing seven people. Tonight, we learned, including a husband who texted his wife right beforehand. She was waiting for him back on the tarmac. ABC's whit Johnson in Hartford, Connecticut. Reporter: Tonight, as an NTSB go team sifting through the smoldering wreckage at Bradley international airport, revealing more about the fiery b-17 crash that claimed seven lives. We know there was impact about 1,000 feet out from the threshold of the runway. Reporter: Investigators also recovering the same engine the pilot complained about when he radioed for help. What's the reason for coming back? Got number four engine, we'd like to return, blow it out. Reporter: 13 people onboard, including air National Guard command chief and volunteer firefighter James Traficante, now being hailed as a hero. He popped the hatch and was able to extract some individuals. But when tragedy hit, his training kicked in. Reporter: Among the seven dead, both pilots, a retired Vernon police captain, Gary Mazzone. And 59-year-old rob Riddell, his wife, Debra, watching in horror from the tarmac. He knows I was there and I think, at that point, that is where I needed to be. Reporter: She says her husband reported engine trouble, sending her text messages from the air, and a final warning. Turbulence. Yeah. Reporter: The last message he sent you. I sent him one more text message. I just wrote his name. I thought, if he's alive and he's okay, he will respond. He didn't. Just awful. Whit Johnson again from Bradley international airport tonight. And whit, investigators have obtained surveillance video of this crash? Reporter: And David, that surveillance video could prove to be critical evidence. Already, it's given NTSB investigators a more accurate sense of the time 3 line. They say the b-17 was only in the air for eight minutes before that deadly crash. David? Whit Johnson, thank you. Overseas this evening, a

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The NTSB is sorting through the wreckage after the fiery crash at Bradley International Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66047382","title":"7 dead after B-17 crash at Connecticut airport ","url":"/WNT/video/dead-17-crash-connecticut-airport-66047382"}