Drunk Man Held Down by Fellow Airline Passengers

Lisa Stark reports the latest news about a man who became unruly after drinking.
3:18 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drunk Man Held Down by Fellow Airline Passengers
We begin tonight with -- -- -- airline passenger causing the real scare in the skies witnesses say he was drunk and making threats and over my shoulder here tonight. Here is what the crew did turning to duct tape to trap and in his seat. Even taping his mouth. The passenger was on a flight from Iceland -- New York witnesses say he was drinking his duty free liquor and then became physically and verbally abusive allegedly claiming -- plane would go down. Passengers holding him down as the crew trapped -- would that tape. And that's just one case tonight causing concern the other involves an airline captain moments from flying a jet from Minneapolis to New York. But authorities smelled something troubling not his breath. ABC's Lisa stark on both fronts tonight. You might call it instant justice this man got so drunk and so belligerent on his flight that fellow passengers duct -- into his seat. And -- his mouth shut. After he allegedly choked a woman and scream that the plane was going to crash. The Icelandic air flight was heading from Iceland to New York the airline tells us quote he was restrained by passengers and crew and was monitored for his own safety. Police took the drug traveler to a hospital he was not charged reportedly because passengers did not want to come forward. In Minneapolis it was a pilot who allegedly had too much to drink way too much American Airlines captain -- -- Christensen. Was caught by chance TSA and other officer smelling a whiff of alcohol as Christiansen was waiting for an elevator. By the time airport police arrested him he had completed preflight checks for his commuter flight to new York and the 53 passengers were getting ready to board. Christiansen failed an initial breathalyzer test today we learned it showed him way over the legal limit for pilots that limit point 04. Half that for drivers. -- -- -- -- -- -- The current hit movies flight focuses on -- drug pilot who saves a plane load of people. But is then found out an initial report shows that. You had alcohol in your system pilots are tested after any accident and face random alcohol tests as well. In the past decade about a dozen pilots a year have been caught in one case in 2002. To America west pilots were caught drinking on surveillance tape the night before their flight. And TSA screeners smelled alcohol on their breath the next morning. The pilots were arrested before the flight took off this is. Not a major problem on the airline industry but even one single currency isn't tolerable and and can't be tolerated and some news now. Pilots were the subject of ABC's program what would you do with John communities we get to Martin -- Here actors playing the pilots to -- of bystanders would intervene. They did not know one says anything until after the pilots -- for the year. And I think that little white thing when I could talk Rashid -- look like. Luckily bystanders. Are not the only line of defense. For her to admit to an alcohol problem there is a government program to help and it has a 90%. Success rate. Allowing pilots to clean up and get backed into the cockpit. David -- to start leading a -- Lisa thank you.

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{"id":18140827,"title":"Drunk Man Held Down by Fellow Airline Passengers","duration":"3:18","description":"Lisa Stark reports the latest news about a man who became unruly after drinking.","url":"/WNT/video/drunk-man-held-follow-airline-passengers-18140827","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}