Family attend public viewing for Sen. John McCain

His wife, Cindy McCain, was captured resting her head on his flag-draped casket at the Arizona State Capitol.
2:53 | 08/29/18

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Transcript for Family attend public viewing for Sen. John McCain
And we begin with those powerful moments playing out right now in ariz senator John McCain lying in state, the lines forming T honor an americanpatriot. And this moment, McCain's wife, Cindy, at the Arizona capitol, rng head her late casket his daughter,hacain, who wrote beautifulbute to her father are breakin down. And tonight here, what we've learned. McCain personally reaching to for president Obama and formerresident bush in recent mohs who defeated him, to deliveruloies in washon and where trump will not be there. Abc'terry Moran leading us off from Ari. Orter: Under the bng Arizona sun, the motorcade bearing McCain ma its way throh E streets of Phoenix. In silence, it arrived at state capitol. An honor guard awaiting. Cindy McCain stepping forward, supporteby her twos in their dresorms -- jack, Navy helicopter pilot, and Y, thuardsmen pallbearers remove the casket and John McCain's sons se their father. Up the long walk, the honor guard bringing thiopson of Arizona. The McCain fy following. Inside, as the casket is placed in the rotunda undhe copper dome, family taking R seats. Meghan McCain, sobbing, overcome with G, comforted by her br see our tears. Orter: A brief and simple service. A wreath is laid next to the casket. In his final months, John McCain himself issueductions F this service and tingr this week inwashington personally reaching out to presidents Barack obamand George W. Bush to deliver eulogies saturda at the natial cathedra the two men who defeated H in his campaigns for the presidency. Senator flake topr McCain's ability -- To see and apprec T huty in our opponents. Reporter: When it was over, there was Y in, and th moment of tenderness and sorrow. His seven children coming forward one-by T their er.ards, memrshe public filing past. And outside, arizonans singer if --R well, including Vietnam era vet Tom burns, telling us he W proutond in the no guard for John McCain. That's a hero. 'S epitome oheroism, right there. A powerful scenelaying out. And Terry moan joins us tonianice there tomorrow? Reporter: That's David. The capitol buig will be open late. We just saw a large grorom izona's Vietnamese community. So, this is a V powerful scene. And Theel gistt John McCain chose a tomorrow's service, D friend J Biden. Davi Try Moran, you'll be with

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"His wife, Cindy McCain, was captured resting her head on his flag-draped casket at the Arizona State Capitol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57487609","title":"Family attend public viewing for Sen. John McCain","url":"/WNT/video/family-friends-attend-public-viewing-sen-john-mccain-57487609"}