Feds recommend 'substantial prison term' for Michael Cohen

Trump's former personal lawyer pleaded guilty to crimes, including tax evasion and making illegal campaign contributions.
4:36 | 12/08/18

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Transcript for Feds recommend 'substantial prison term' for Michael Cohen
We begin with the president tonight, and his longtime lawyer and personal fixer, Michael Cohen. Prosecutors urging a judge to sentence Cohen to substantial prison times, 42 months, saying he committed crimes motivated by personal greed. This case, in the southern district of New York. At the same time, another filing involving Cohen, this one from Robert Mueller's team. He was interviewed for 70 hours but that team, and saying the investigation has been credible and consistent with other evidence obtained. But they remain silent when it comes to any prison recommendation. Pierre Thomas leads us off. Reporter: Michael Cohen, leaving his home today, after imploring prosecutors not to put him behind bars. They did not buy it. Tonight, the U.S. Attorney in New York denouncing Cohen's "Extensive, deliberate, and serious criminal conduct," saying he "Sought to influence the election from the shadows," "Motivated by personal greed and ambition." The sentencing recommendation, a "Substantial prison term." Cohen, president trump's former personal attorney and fixer, pleaded guilty to crimes including tax evasion and making illegal campaign contributions. He admitted facilitating hush payments to porn star stormy Daniels and "Playboy" playmate Karen Mcdougal to cover up their alleged affairs with candidate Donald Trump, the man he once said he'd take a bullet for. I'm obviously very loyal and very dedicated to Mr. Trump. Reporter: But under fire, Cohen turned on his old boss, telling prosecutors trump ordered the hush money payments himself. He then sat down for more than 70 hours of interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller. He said he was motivated by love of country and love of family. But the U.S. Attorney didn't buy that either, writing tonight, "Any suggestion by Cohen that his meetings with law enforcement reflect a selfless and unprompted about-face are overstated." That his "Consciousness of wrongdoing is fleeting. His remorse is minimal, and his instinct to blame others is strong." For his part, Mueller submitted his own court filing tonight. He and Cohen struck a deal, with Cohen pleading guilty to a separate charge of lying to congress about the president's business dealings with Russia during the campaign. Mueller did not make a sentencing recommendation, but told the court that Cohen has "Gone to significant lengths to assist the special counsel," providing "Useful information concerning russia-related matters core to its investigation." Cohen provided investigators new details about Russian efforts to contact the trump campaign during the election. Let's get to Pierre with us live from Washington. Robert Mueller, also filing new documents in the case of Paul manafort. Mueller cancelled manafort's plea agreement, saying he had lied to investigators. Tonight, the special counsel explaining? Reporter: That's right. We have a new filing, Mueller accusing manafort of lying about his contact with a Russian national suspected of ties with Russian intelligence. And lying about contacts with the trump administration, as recently as this year. Let's get to Dan Abrams. When it comes to Michael Cohen, there are two cases. One in the southern district of New York, and the Russia investigation. It was the prosecutors in new York urging 42 months in federal prison. Robert Mueller not getting in the way of this. New York is talking about campaign finance and tax evasion. But Robert Mueller is saying he's been helpful, but we're not asking for any additional leniency in connection with that other case. We're okay if he serves his time for us as the other case, but we're not asking for anything below four to five years. So, a significant amount could be very likely. Yes, very likely. Dan, thank you. President trump has been furious Michael Cohen flipped,

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Trump's former personal lawyer pleaded guilty to crimes, including tax evasion and making illegal campaign contributions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59689286","title":"Feds recommend 'substantial prison term' for Michael Cohen","url":"/WNT/video/feds-recommend-substantial-prison-term-michael-cohen-59689286"}