Frustration mounts aboard virus-stricken Grand Princess

Officials said the ship is flying a yellow flag -- signalling quarantine -- as all 19 infected crew members are isolated on the ship.
3:07 | 03/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frustration mounts aboard virus-stricken Grand Princess
One doctor says he has multiple patients and he still can't get that them tested. Thank you. And 46 people onboard the grand princess were tested, and 21 tested positive. 19 of them crew members who are now staying behind. The rare sight of a yellow flag signifying contagion onboard. And what about the passengers who are disembarking? They will be sent to four places in the U.S. For quarantine. And the governor of Washington state with a sobering warning about where the outbreak may be headed. Here's Matt Gutman from California. Reporter: Tonight, frustration mounting aboard that virus-stricken ship. We're getting a little discouraged. Reporter: The offloading process grindingly slow, and for many passengers, confusing. Once we get off we will have 14 more days. Reporter: Tiffany Essig, her husband, and three kids among the lucky ones. They let us go first. Isn't that awesome? Yeah. Reporter: They disembarked and were promptly bused to two weeks of quarantine. Tonight officials tell us the ship is flying the yellow flag -- an international signal that it's under quarantine. And all 19 of the infected crew members now back on the ship for isolation. One passenger telling CNN the rules kept changing. Yesterday they had us where we had to maintain a six-feet distance from everyone. Then last night, to exit the boat, they have us standing next to each other. Reporter: Health officials say the outbreak on board, a major concern, especially since 1,000 of its passengers are 70 or older. The most vulnerable age group. And in Washington state, we're seeing how unforgiving the virus can be for the elderly. 19 of the state's 22 deaths at this nursing home and almost all of the surviving residents now infected. This hospital now using a drive-through to test its employees. The governor says Washington state is now bracing for an explosion of cases. In seven or eight weeks there could be 64,000 people infected in the state of Washington if we don't somehow slow down this epidemic. And the next week it could be 120,000, and in the next week a quarter of a million. Those numbers getting a lot of attention today. Matt, I know authorities in California tonight are reassuring communities that this process of bringing passengers off the ship is safe. In the meantime, you heard the warning from Washington state's governor about the cases spiking there. Multiple places reporting the virus has been detected as well? Reporter: Very disturbing news out of Washington state. In king county, ten nursing homes and long term care facilities reporting coronavirus just since yesterday. The number of patients statewide has nearly doubled. The governor issuing some measures to try to control the spread. One visitor per patient per day. The question, is it enough, and is it soon enough?

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Officials said the ship is flying a yellow flag -- signalling quarantine -- as all 19 infected crew members are isolated on the ship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69516246","title":"Frustration mounts aboard virus-stricken Grand Princess","url":"/WNT/video/frustration-mounts-aboard-virus-stricken-grand-princess-69516246"}