Historic Flooding in the South and States of Emergency

Ten states are under flood watches and thousands are forced from their homes.
2:44 | 03/10/16

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Transcript for Historic Flooding in the South and States of Emergency
We turn now to the states of emergency historic flooding across several states tonight. Ten states now under flood watches thousands forced from their homes the system reaching all the way up to Boston at the sour. New images coming in of the National Guard the Blackhawk helicopters being used to rescue families. Neighborhoods in both her parish Louisiana deep underwater almost two feet of rain falling so far more on the way. That's us and tonight now moving all the way into the northeast at this hour ABC's Phillip Bennett in the middle of the devastation ports. Tonight the never ending rained sending a warning get out while you can over a foot and a half of rain in Louisiana already. Many roads even interstates overtaken by floodwaters. Fish swimming in the streets. Subdivisions blocked off. The Levy is already overflowing in this boat or city subdivision officials worry if it breaks it could be catastrophic. More than 3000 families here under mandatory evacuations. Sarah yet go and her father Jim taking her five year old son Tucker to safety he has special needs. Both your city fire chief Stacey mad and says. He's never seen anything like this. He hit the water comes you lose power and tenure in the north in your house is where it's. You'd rather be somewhere else. The National Guard here to using trucks that can drive in high water rescuing nearly 400 people in the last 24 hours. Tonight a warning flash floods can swamp your car in seconds just eighteen inches of water it's enough to lift an SUV. But the three people who have died two were in their vehicles the flooding stretches for hundreds of miles from Texas to Arkansas and beyond. David this is far from over they're expecting about another foot of rain in the coming days. And officials expect the flooding to continue into next week. David Philip manner on the scene for us again tonight Philip thank you let's get right to meteorologist rob Marciano tracking the system from the south all the way to the northeast and added this is dense tropical moisture and all the way to eastern Pacific where that record el Nino what are really adding fuel to this fire we're shifting a little bit to the east that's a good news but. Still stretching a geometric from noise Hattiesburg national all the way up in the northeast but that record warmth kind of deflecting most of that rain but we're still looking for flooding. And a flash flooding from New Orleans all the way up through southern parts of Kentucky another five to eight inches just north of what's in southern Mississippi so horrible flooding now we're also watching some heavy rain outlets Pineapple Express popping another batch of heavier rain to all of California. The actual take that race and they they kind of need to hear New York we took a 79 degree day that's equally as we've seen a number that warm on track. I'm rob Marciano with a senate rob thank you.

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{"id":37563179,"title":"Historic Flooding in the South and States of Emergency","duration":"2:44","description":"Ten states are under flood watches and thousands are forced from their homes.","url":"/WNT/video/historic-flooding-south-states-emergency-37563179","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}