Hurricane Florence, the storm's first strike

The storm-force winds are starting to lash North Carolina and officials are imploring residents to evacuate before the dangerous storm surges and flooding take over.
4:17 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence, the storm's first strike
already The nuclearnt shuing down tonht right of thehurric live up and down Ast, communitilready getting hit. Meteorologt zee with the newckout. When and where florenceow expe Toake landfall. Any interview tight with the police chief and warning. Given how slow this massive hurricane is moving. Also tonight,fter prs that T fully prepared F this hurricane, the president tweeting today, questionin how my really died in Puerto Rico, s3,000 LE didn't die after huanes hit Puerto ri and the president now number was raised to look D. We are also following viral othereaking headlines tonight. Than a dozen explosions outside Boston in sever different communities.authoritieare urging S residents to get out. Andaul manafo nef a meeting. Isafort Abo plead guil is he striking a deal with Robert Mueller? And good eveningonight from Wilmington, where as we come O the a tonight, millio down the coa an inland are Brang for this monster rricane. Theape fear river right H behind me, W witnessed some of the veryer bands, the winds picking up at thisour and the rain is, as and ere's a gd Chae that the eye of this hurricaneld make landfall right here. Thack justut from national weather service, this storm is S down, wch means itill sitnd the coast and several ft O rain. It's also growing size, that flag whipping in the tters by T end of the da this Hurne is 500 miles wide, nat breachihe S alreadynd rushing into the streets. These images cape haeras tonight. Heavy rain fallinome ,000 already without power. Clear power in the pathne utalready. D thericane hasn't even made landfall yet. 1.7 milln under evacuation I found shelts tod full, sending people elsewhe. At this ho hricane Florence is massive.tropical srm force wds will stretch, get this, or 10 miles from T the srm each direction, 20 miles we dave theck the expedll, E timendwher let's get right to ABC's gio Benitez, some 200 milesorth the storm's wrath tonight. Gio? Reporter: David, goo evening. We've beenling thetrong L day long.take a look kitty hawk R. You E wa Ashing against it. This is just the beginning. Tonight, florencey blasting the North Carolina coast. Wichurning Uthe sea. Was crashing over the dunes and into the streets. The sandbags stacked along the she to hold the water back no tch for a life-t storm rge area flog homes and streets in the outer banks. The storm's wrath build by E hour, shredding flag in cape fea it's 4:00 and we're here in nags ad, north ro those powerful outer bands are we areting thatrain, and just take at those masse wav. The winds getting stronger and stronger. Dangs reatening millions tonight.ching across 16miles. Trstorrce win across 330 miles. Toicials with a blunt R anyone stin T shore as this hurricane B We areng T beer limited in responding, so, yore on the beach, the time to go is now. And gio Benitez back with U litonight.gio, I knohere's a big concern about the STO surge, becausiss simply going to sit here and contie to push water un. Reporte THA right, and this why. E massive waves. That'shis is such a concern. This Ares used to Deang with flooding, but not ning flooding. David? One right there behind. O, thankyou.150iln the coast from where got the winds batring Snead's

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{"id":57810133,"title":"Hurricane Florence, the storm's first strike","duration":"4:17","description":"The storm-force winds are starting to lash North Carolina and officials are imploring residents to evacuate before the dangerous storm surges and flooding take over.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-florence-storms-strike-57810133","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}