Hurricane Florence's eye of the storm hours away

High winds and floodwaters could knock power out for several days, if not longer, officials said. Over 16,000 customers were already without power in North Carolina Thursday.
5:30 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence's eye of the storm hours away
right here in wilmitorust F here first morng.we have tor you in a moment. But rst togh my interview with the police chief rig H in Wilmington, his concerw with this massive storm sitting right coast. An we've S lady, the destruction the barri islands. Tonight, this is what milli a along this coastlinve the outer bands of Florence slammiand the E of the srm still urs away. Along North Carolina's barrier islands, in nortpsail beacous winds already. Waves crashingough this me. Knocking down wall waterrounding mes. Thisage door sshed and again this hurrane doesn't make landfall until the mornhours. Pier. Ter rushinashore. Breakihrough then nearby San Francisco Coe, ocean Flo LE a river, washing rough mot and washing fish ashore. Ro2 here is under water torrential rain with tropical storm-force oneearing do. And orities are now warning, it IST a erin that this region will see rainfall predicted touch 40 Ines more an 11-f srm surgexpected in somespots, as thisow moves I and conditions gatheng tonight. The National Guard has been caed and tonight, Wilmington's chief inside their comm center, telling Meis biggest fear as this hricane approaches. His own family H a evuated. When you look at that hurrica over yourhoulder,hat concerns you the most? I seeiblical pror flood evenat's going occur. I sebeacung inund with wat and destion that going to be party, prettypi nature. I see areas around our city that to floor like haven't seen . Reporter: Thes already coming in from a county. Search and rescue teams from Sacramento. 80 first resnders fro rockville, Maryland. Thank Yo ys. Reporter: And tonight,orth Carolina's warning. Relax. Don't get complacent. Stay on guard. This is a powerful S that can kill. Today, the threat becomes a reality. Reporter: Authorities are telling redents here prepare for days without power. Perhaps weeks. They als F the hurricane 16 near reactors across threeates. The Brunswick nuclearlant announce tonight it will shut down, saying theyare, quote, currently in the path of hurricane flce and Ty anticipate the plant S W perience sustained rricane-force . With tropical win wxpo reach m300 miles many F have now decided on this final night before landfl to get out. Be safe, you, too, B careful. In a fewdays. Reporr: The forecast is calling for destructive winds pounding the lea hours. And several fef rain. It's really somewhat of a gloomy feeling knohe of nor Carolinas to be changed forever. Reporte on the sts here, a pray for wilmingto sign and instructions forlters right side late today,nor cooper saying some 12 people ar lady inrs, Ty're now opening even more. Malready at pacity. You can see here on the door, says the Sers full. This the congton elementa school. Ricardo Romero is one of em. Thathelter was already and ovflowing so they brought you here? That is correct. Thelters sing to keep up with demand tonight. Everyone bng as Thi hurricane grows muchoser, justff the cst night. Let's check in with ginger also rightere with me in Wilmington tonight with the storm track, therack T just came in. Er, wheres it, is it coming? Reporter: Oh, david,less than M T our st-southeast it is crawling at just 5 mil is comingre. D really Thi is only just begun. A tornado watch, jacksonvilnd new berntil 9:00 tonight. We've seen the mbers as far as max sustain wi as tt approaches, it's going makeandfall trow morning. Then it moves inland we'll be talking about heavy rain T way through N just North Carolina, butna andventuallyvenpoy eastern Tennessee. Let me take you through the timing. This is very important. It has jus started H gusting perhour. Morning, it's -mile-per-urht here in wilmingtit doesn't STO there. Because by 00 P.M on Friday, you are going to see ne 60-mile-per-housts in Wilmington and near 70 at Myrtle Beach. That could be disastrous. It goes into the coast and at Wilmington as of sat, A.M. Our hotel, Davi lost power. We are one of the more THA 70,000 already would por.this is gng to be a tortuous next two days. Again,t has even started.ho WBE withs every step of way here. Gingerthu. Of course, the concern for

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"High winds and floodwaters could knock power out for several days, if not longer, officials said. Over 16,000 customers were already without power in North Carolina Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57810217","title":"Hurricane Florence's eye of the storm hours away","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-florences-eye-storm-hours-57810217"}