Hurricane Matthew Makes Its Way Up the East Coast

12 million Americans are now under either a hurricane watch or warning.
2:25 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Hurricane Matthew Makes Its Way Up the East Coast
We are in the cross hairs here of hurricane Matthew if that families here are being warned of winds up to 125. Miles per hour in the coming hours. At this hour twelve million Americans are now under a hurricane warning as Matthew gets closer and closer to the US coastline take a look. At the images coming in as we begin tonight. It is now a category four from Hollywood Florida tonight the deadly storm already being felt along the Florida coast President Obama today declaring his state of emergency. This is how the storm looked as if blasted through the Bahamas just hours ago on its way toward the US we have a team there tonight. Mandatory evacuations underway here at home Florida's governor issuing a dire warning to big you heard it moments ago this storm will kill you. You can see the hurricane closing in roughly 100 miles now from Puerto winds at 140 miles per hour. The National Weather Service warning of a possible catastrophic. Storm surge right here in Florida. I can tell you the winds are picking up the rain is now coming down here in Jacksonville it is being felt up and down the coast here in Florida. We want to get right to our team coverage tonight beginning with chief meteorologist in Jersey in when everyone wants to build a new trap tonight. When Matthew will hit and where it's interviewed evening. Good evening David we're right here in Central Florida on the East Coast the angry Atlantic behind me we're feeling the outer bands already. And this beast is still 150. Miles away from us here it is moving northwest at thirteen miles per hour you can see it on a satellite there. A nasty image coming toward Florida I want to bring you do the timing of this storm that's what is so important the track that everyone's wondering about. It a hug along with space coast overnight tonight into early tomorrow close to Jacksonville early to melt through the afternoon hours to Savannah Charleston it weakens as it turns back into the Atlantic and look at this timing. I need to show you from the radar image that is happening now. Over Freeport Bahamas it goes toward Florida with that northwesterly track Hanes along the coast you could see gusts upward of 140. Miles per hour with this thing. Cape Canaveral and then watch the timing there. By Friday evening. We go to Jacksonville to Brunswick Savannah starts to feel it Charleston Friday night or early Saturday so much more to come as far as what impacts are. I'll show you storm surge I'll show you wind. But in general so many folks from Charleston down here through Florida on a hurricane warning David. Ginger zee beginning our coverage tonight ginger or thanks to you.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"12 million Americans are now under either a hurricane watch or warning. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42631444","title":"Hurricane Matthew Makes Its Way Up the East Coast","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-matthew-makes-east-coast-42631444"}