'I've loved my life, all of it': Sen. John McCain leaves final farewell

President Donald Trump ordered the White House flag to be lowered to half-staff again after the American Legion got involved.
5:19 | 08/28/18

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Transcript for 'I've loved my life, all of it': Sen. John McCain leaves final farewell
And we tonight with the shifting signals late todaym the president and the white house when it com tg an amen patriot,or hn main. The flag atop the white house raised again. And the pde was repeatedly words aboohn McCain en nothing. But there were words today fro senator McCain himself, his well letter, a final good-bye, righlled today in Phoenix with mesge for T country, for this time. And then,s afternoon, the whituse amid mounting pressure, Lowe T again. S chief white H correspondent than Karl leading us off tonight. Reporten senate chamber Y, black velvet and desk that longed to John McCain. While johnroly served with uss a senator F ariz he was America's all along. Reporter: And today, a L message fromccain to country he loved so much a Farell letter Y his friend andmer campaign manager. My fellow Americans, whom I have gratefully served for 60 yea. Repter: McCain's last words ea for decencylerance, ret and, perhaps, fin cr the curre president. We weaken our when fuse our priotism with ibal rivals. Weaken it when we hide behind ther than ar them down. We have alway had much more in common with each otherhan disagreement.if only we remember that and give each other the benefit of the presiothat we all love our country, we will get through these challenging times. Do not despair of T iculties. Elieve always promise here. Rter: John MC final journey berday even, hearse leaving his ranch. A homemade sign along the route.a police off's solemn Lu and eulogirots ba Obama andeoe W. Bush, two men who defeated him. To be honored at the opportunity, that U all you need to know. Repor McCain's against obamahard-fought D sometime bitter, but in the heat of battle, he defended his opponent's patriotism. I can't trust O. I have read about him and he's not a -- he's an Arab. He is not -- No, M'am. No, ma'am, no, ma'am. Decent family man, citizen, that it happen have disag with. Rter: Among the many rmer politalpaying tribute now, Hillary clinton.e knew that the senate could not work not work gether. Reporicuously absent among thing McCain's LE, pre P, who suggested McCain was N a warero because he was captu Iike peoplat weren't captured. Reporter: In one of his final McCain voted no on the idt's bill tpeal Obamacare. After McCain died, president isg a short eet expresng his deepsympathieso the McCain Fam the WHE house flag wowered over 24 hours later. Y, I tried to th president to say something, anything, about in. Mr. President, any thoughts on John McCain? Mr. President, any tho John mccn, sir? A short while later, I T again. Mr. Present, do you any thoughtsjoccain? You have any thoughts at all abouhn McCain? Do you believe John McCain W hero, sir? Nothing McCain? To L thite house flag again. I asked the president about about John MCC and tonight, areversal from the prest, ordering the flag to be lednce more, saying, quote, despite our D policy and politics, I respect senatn McCain's service to oountry. All righso, get to Jon Karl live the white house. And the flag at the white house had been lowered to half-staff at the new of senator McCain's passing, even then Rd again. You just reported, it's been lowered again. What's going onhere? What's behind this and what are ur sources telling? Reporter: Well, the preside was rous pressure, vfw and the American LN, these are groups that represent millions of vetera, came out calling on the presid to iue nation onain and to lower eye under enormous sure to do so. E esident wl not be speaking at anyhe memorial this week for, but Mai family had made it clear evenefore the senator died thae president was not invite, what you will David, is vice presid P speaking at a service McCain, a memorial in the capitol on Friday. Jon ,hank you. And we hope you'll stayit us at home. Right here night, our

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"President Donald Trump ordered the White House flag to be lowered to half-staff again after the American Legion got involved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57437294","title":"'I've loved my life, all of it': Sen. John McCain leaves final farewell","url":"/WNT/video/ive-loved-life-sen-john-mccain-leaves-final-57437294"}