'Jihadi John' Without the Mask

Elementary school teacher says Mohammed Emwazi had anger issues as a child.
2:28 | 02/28/15

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Transcript for 'Jihadi John' Without the Mask
Terry, thank you. Now to the other major headline, the international manhunt for the most wanted terrorist in the world. Wearing a Pittsburgh pirates cap there, that team saying they're sickened by the image. Here he is as a young boy. Brian Ross, and what he's learned tonight about the boy's childhood. And why our cameras were turned away in west London. Reporter: This is the face of Isis, according to his neighbors, without his mask and his knife. Mohammed emwazi, as seen on the front pages of british newspapers tonight, a London college student with a sneer and, unaccountably, a Pittsburgh pirates baseball cap. How he went from this, to this is the puzzle authorities and friends are trying to answer tonight. We'll begin to slaughter your people on your streets. Reporter: One friend told the bbc emwazi was happy with his life. After graduation. We never realized he would go to be Jihadi. Reporter: But one of emwazi's elementary school teachers told the bbc tonight that at the age of 11, he was put into anger management therapy because he was getting into fights. We'd find that he'd get very angry and worked up and it would take him a long time to calm himself down. Reporter: By the age of 21, U.S. And british authorities say emwazi was desperate to find a terror group that would take him. First trying to be part of the al-shabaab group in Somalia, and finally accepted by Isis about two years ago. Emwazi came of age in London as radical islamists were urging young men to join the jihad against the U.S. And Britain. Most prominent was the activist anjem choudary, who we went to find today outside the city's biggest mosque. Did you know him? He told me he did not know him but called him a Muslim brother whose brutal acts he refused to condemn. So as of now, you don't want to condemn him. I know who I want to condemn. I want to condemn you guys for being the tongue of the biggest terrorists in the world, the Americans and their own allies, the british. Reporter: British security services have been tracking him for years. But say he's just one of hundreds of young men being watched, and he was not a 24/7 surveillance. Thank you. And now to a stunning case from Missouri.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Elementary school teacher says Mohammed Emwazi had anger issues as a child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29286363","title":"'Jihadi John' Without the Mask","url":"/WNT/video/jihadi-john-mask-29286363"}