Lyle Menendez Speaks Out From Behind Bars

The convicted murderer is serving a life sentence for murdering his parents.
2:08 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Lyle Menendez Speaks Out From Behind Bars
The case that captured the attention of this country the Menendez Brothers Erik and Lyle convicted of killing their wealthy parents. Lyle Menendez now speaking out from behind bars for the first time in twenty years telling his side of the story never heard before. ABC's Terry Moran on the case from day one. Tonight for the first time in twenty years Lyle Menendez speaking out from prison. I'm happy to kick it chill disparaged. Over we're pure passion. Oh I regret Accenture. Beverly Hills 1989. Jose and Kitty Menendez are brutally murdered. What the problem. The problem but it's. Bill as. From the outside Brothers Lyle and Erik had at all but behind closed doors they describe a cauldron of secrets tell me as clearly as you can. Why don't you rated US. Sitting down for an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters in 1996. I have said to myself. I'm never gonna let her problem Tudjman and their defense an. The desperation after years of abuse at the hands of their father but a jury ultimately found them guilty and the Brothers were sentenced to life in prison. My own child through Turkey. Are usually well for pitchers of capital. Lyle Menendez is 48 Eddie's more reflective now is like behind bars always shadowed with regret. There still are filled construct an epic. But yeah it should be completely. It's fascinating tears with us now in terror and cures when was the last time these Brothers actually talked to one another if at all and is there any chance they would go to prison as they look forward. Within the last time they cite others about two weeks after Barbara Walters in twenty years ago and they will probably never see each other again. And now their appeals are exhausted Ari as we said on this from day one Terry thank you Andy ABC news special truth and lies the Menendez Brothers. Airs tomorrow night 9 PM eastern right here on ABC's Terry Steve.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"The convicted murderer is serving a life sentence for murdering his parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44561439","title":"Lyle Menendez Speaks Out From Behind Bars","url":"/WNT/video/lyle-menendez-speaks-bars-44561439"}