Made in America: Hunting for perfect Christmas tree

David Muir talks with sellers and workers who help put Christmas trees in homes.
1:34 | 11/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Made in America: Hunting for perfect Christmas tree
Finally tonight here, our made in America Christmas is back. And we start with the Christmas tree, of course, and for one family, just getting it home almost spoiled Christmas. This family pulled over in sudbury, Massachusetts. They were a little overzealous with their Christmas tree this year. It sure was big. But police were concerned they couldn't see where they were going. Pulled over for, quote, impeded operation. But the officer helped them find a bet wear I to secure the tree. Off with just a warning. Christmas wasn't ruined. All over New York City tonight, the trees are back out. And we remember what they told us. Hi, merry Christmas. We asked even about the trees. Are they made in America? North Carolina, Pennsylvania. Reporter: How much does one of these go for? How hutch you want to give me? Reporter: How much you want to sell it to me for? Every year, we try. And across this country, farmers checking in with us. Not only selling trees -- Hi, David, I'm Jonathan. And I'm stein. Reporter: Coowners in California, deep in the heart of redwood country. It turns out, they send you the kit to grow the tree yourself. You can grow your own living Christmas tree with this awesome Christmas tree kit. Reporter: Two new hires since we talked to them last year. Six different types of trees. Won't be ready for Christmas, though, but two to three years and day Athey are tall enough to put up. All with three words in mind. Made in America! I love it. Grow your own tree. Tweet me your made in America Christmas ideas. I'm David Muir. Good night. From Boston's news leader,

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{"id":51471717,"title":"Made in America: Hunting for perfect Christmas tree","duration":"1:34","description":"David Muir talks with sellers and workers who help put Christmas trees in homes.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-hunting-perfect-christmas-tree-51471717","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}