Major winter storm reaching the Northeast

32 million are under weather alerts from Kansas to Maine as a winter storms brings heavy snow, low visibility and high winds making traveling difficult.
2:32 | 12/30/19

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Transcript for Major winter storm reaching the Northeast
Next to the winter weather on the move. Snarling travel plans for millions of Americans heading home. Blizzard conditions in south Dakota. And in Colorado, high winds and heavy snow in the Denver metro area. Parts of I-90 closed in the last 24 hours. The storm heading east. Dangerous ice and soaking rain for the morning rush in philly, New York, and Boston as well. Here's rob Marciano. Reporter: Tonight, a major winter storm now reaching east across the country, bringing wind driven snow, ice, and rain as millions continue to travel this holiday week. We got to make sure that we pay attention to the ever changing road conditions. Reporter: 32 million under weather alerts from Kansas to Maine. Heavy snow, low visibility, and high winds making the roads nearly impassable in Colorado, leaving some drivers stranded on the sides of highways. It's been pretty icy like right around here. Reporter: Whiteout conditions in Minnesota, overturning trucks and burying cars along the highways. And across the dakotas, blizzard conditions, dropping over a foot of snow, creating a travel nightmare. Motorists having to dig their vehicles out. Snow plows working overtime clearing the roads. Difficult driving conditions shutting down several major interstates. In Texas, KCBD capturing this terrifying moment on Friday, showing just how quickly accidents can occur in bad weather. A tractor trailer losing control in heavy fog, plowing into vehicles and state troopers. The 18-wheeler flipping on its side, injuring two people, including one of the troopers. Let's get to rob, joining us live in New York. People want to know how the weather will impact travel plans, especially new year's eve. Reporter: Whit, this storm will still be in parts of the northeast on new year's eve. It is slowing down. As it grows. The center of the thing is over Minnesota, but it's getting into the northeast. Blizzard conditions on the backsides. Heavy rain Nashville to Louisville. And ice storm warnings for new York state and Massachusetts. Let's time this thing out. And heavy rain moves to the Ohio river valley. A lot of pink on the map around Albany and Burlington. Could see some power outages. I-95, Boston to philly, rain, heavy at times. Blustery conditions on new year's eve. And the next storm comes into the northwest, new year's eve night, right around midnight. Rob, thank you. We move to Washington and the impeachment showdown, Republicans and Democrats facing

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"32 million are under weather alerts from Kansas to Maine as a winter storms brings heavy snow, low visibility and high winds making traveling difficult.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67973312","title":"Major winter storm reaching the Northeast","url":"/WNT/video/major-winter-storm-reaching-northeast-67973312"}