Mueller probe dominates Day 2 of Supreme Court hearing

Democrats also asked Judge Brett Kavanaugh about guns and his pro-Second Amendment views.
3:25 | 09/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mueller probe dominates Day 2 of Supreme Court hearing
And across town on capitol hill tonight,reme court nominee Brett Kan and the heated confirmation hea today. Questioned directly for the first at his hearing. Judge kavan was does a president have toomply with a subpoena?d can a presideardon themselves? Answ. It made immediatenes toand has als pressed on guns and on awoman's R to terrn hasovered the urt for us, and he was in T R today. Reporter: Day twodge ett Kavanah arriving for a grueling R going. But today is different. Reporter: Despite the sional outbursts -- the heginally got down to es, and the dom Toda shadoming over Kavanaugh forycrats, whethepresident trump picked him so he would to rule in the prent's favoin stemmirom speciacounsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Kapersonal declaratn of indepdence. No one isbove the law in onal system Repor democratseren't satisfied. And they drilled down. Nt himselfs subpoena to tfy. Kaugh ducked Can a sitting president be requ a subpoena? I can annswer on thatothetical question. Reporter: Oth demrats ke pressing the nominee. President trump CLAs he Hasan absolutright to pardon himself. Does he? That's a hypothetical estion that I't begin T answer in this con sitting judge and as a nominee supreme court. Repor Aue, guns and Kavanaugh's strong pro-second amendment views. Senator Dianne Feinstein asking abkavanaugh' ruling strikingown washingtd.c.'s assault weapons ban. Again, the nominee ducked. How do you reconcile what you just sd with theundreds of school shootings using aault weapons that have taken PLAC recent history? Handguns asemiautomatic Ries are weapo used for huntse. But as you say, senator, you risay, they'rein a lot of violent crime and cau lot of deaths.t makes th issue difficult. R on abortion, the importance that pe attach to the V desion, to the placed parenthood versus Casey decision. I dot live in bubble. I understhe real world. Reporr: As the protests continued to punctuate the hearings, Republicans D to lighten the tone. When allss said done, and your times up, how would you like to be remembered? A gooddad, a good judge. Good husband? ING there. Good husband. Than dianne.helped him T. Gointo be better for you toght. Rare bipartisanent th rry. Hearings expected tolast, and when a we going to see a vote ? Reporvid, the hearings wind of T week. Senate, by the end of themonth. Republicans have this T on rails and right now, they've govotes. David? Terry Moran back with usm capitol hill tonight. Thyou, te We're going tve on now

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Democrats also asked Judge Brett Kavanaugh about guns and his pro-Second Amendment views.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57632436","title":"Mueller probe dominates Day 2 of Supreme Court hearing","url":"/WNT/video/mueller-probe-dominates-day-supreme-court-hearing-57632436"}