Ohio special election still neck and neck

Women continue to make history in gubernatorial races.
6:42 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Ohio special election still neck and neck
Either on ABC news political director recline along with the people who director Mary Alice parks here in our New York City headquarters were tracking primary action in four states in the special election. In one in Ohio we've had some major action so far in Michigan we saw the progressive candidate of the Los I had go down to Christian -- we've seen the candidate field sick in Missouri we're seeing a lot of things begin to fall into place. One race was still waiting on though it really is the main event tonight it's the Ohio twelfth congressional district special election in this thing is within a percentage point right now. The Republican Troy Walters and are beginning to nose ahead our man on the scene Adam Kelsey. As a tracking this race all night long and one thing Adam that the human picking up on is the potential influence of the Green Party candidate in this race you add up those votes. It's hard to see a it's hard to see how the Democrat. Right now. Danny O'Connor wouldn't down if all those Green Party votes have been voted and has agreements that. Yeah that the votes being captured by children and chicken that's not Joseph Manchin and senator lets individual man kick. About a thousand I think gap between fourth Alderson and Daniel O'Connor about 16100 right now so please help me enough Virginia O'Connor with the we've all holders of its two person race but here's what it would be enough for Lincoln Mary Alice you can reach him. Ohio State law automatically triggers a recount of quality music half a percentage point rate now eighties when he. Percent between two revolvers and dean Johannes you gotta look at that the party candidate still managing to think that's going to be the difference tonight. If it was one of those unique races where it's possible the end of the night both parties claim victory. If the Republican each sit out obviously that's a big win for them so fighting didn't have a great track record with these special elections. But the Democrats could also say this is a big night for them they close to being gas. I'm going in the annual rate its on from 538 over on that point. Nathaniel I know you've been you've been looking at a live blog all night at 538 dot com and in also making some some I think an important points about the national relevance. Of this race the fact is that this is enormously close for Republicans and it suggests a much wider map than I think a lot of people anticipated going into the year. Right so there are two reasons that this raises an important first is obviously who wins you know if Daniel artwork to pull us out. He wanted to you do democrats' action seem happy once you're seeing that they would have to pick up in November on the other reason is yes you observed in movement toward Democrats and the sea and in that sense doesn't really matter whether Democrats win or lose because. You know whether O'Connor who's a slap wondered when's my point basically means that this seat over performed for Democrats should I about the same operation or aren't as in previous elections and that is predictive power kind of high that we you know. And Democrats and are even doing some of that priest spinning saying that there are dozens maybe even. Fifteen races that they see as more favorable than this watch. For flipping. Deer numbers show that as well as this is one indicator that there are maybe fifteen races where Democrats could. Could take back seats. Schoen in there are definitely dozens seats. Republican House seats that are armed last rent in this one arm and I think it is important to remember you know we expect thirty going to be out our official house forecasts a couple of weeks and I can't and a saint what are not saying yet on the forecast yet but around but. Basically it's important remember that we have holes right now we have fundraising numbers we basically know the Atlanta Atlanta is going to be in November crash so I wouldn't necessarily assume that this special election results as Democrats or will perform sixteen points selection of music after happen in November looking more attention to the polls and individual racism racism house races there was a little arms are asking about a specific race and Arizona and then you extrapolated from Ohio. Those hole they're going to be more predicted. And the federal formula you go I want to ask you about kind of an overlooked headline from tonight in Missouri it is a ballot initiative. That would that would overturned so called right to work laws organize labor has been. Really trying to gin up a lot of interest in it right now we haven't seen a formal projection from the Associated Press so far but it does look. Like the organized labor's gonna get a victory in the state of Missouri this position you've been looking out weird where you CD importance of this in the nationwide relevance. GAAP I think that it you can make a case that this is the most important race of the night you know a ballot measures who has direct impact on policy. Whereas the house race in Ohio especially in transit is status quo and Republicans isn't necessarily an excuse thinking too much. All this was so lost in necessary to allow it to work. Which is basically a restriction on labor unions and organized labor spent huge they raised sixteen million dollars two defeat this initiative and right now the latest numbers is being defeated 64%. To 36% just a pretty resounding defeat sour labor unions and any kind of taco that in recent years. You're seeing right over claws implanted in other midwestern states that traditionally union finally he saw the Supreme Court case Janice just this summer that basically implemented right to work for all public sector unions nationwide search so this has got to be an era is trying to. Daniel breakage from 530 attack on check out their blog all night long we appreciate you hanging with us soundly tonight panel thank you. And in or else we mentioned a moment ago that's. The governor's race in Michigan Gretchen Widmer that the democratic gubernatorial nominee according to the Associated Press now. We'll win that nomination is speaking. Right now at her rally in Michigan. The establishment choice oh Haiti not much much of a surprise but not a person that got as much attention don't stretch. And another woman it's bracing crew that's been such a story line expression on the democratic side. They're. I never considered living anywhere else I'm raising my family here in this great state and I can tell you this. As a child I never want us. Worried about. She and Gretchen grimmer than new democratic nominee. On the sued Michigan and we are going to be back here in point form it is time it's. Attacked tennis that 11 o'clock eastern time. With the latest on all of these races again tracking all the voting for states with primaries once by the special election. Forced its front. One of the specialist I don't I never figure out the credit for me up is and I am as a make it's late for burials parts I'm Rick Klein will be back here at ABC slot.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Women continue to make history in gubernatorial races.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57099185","title":"Ohio special election still neck and neck","url":"/WNT/video/ohio-special-election-neck-neck-57099185"}