Olympic Stars Then and Now

Take a look at what these super athletes were like as children and find out how they realized their dreams.
1:29 | 08/12/16

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Transcript for Olympic Stars Then and Now
Funny today hear our persons of the week they are Boldin now but it turns out they were gold bad. Before Simone files was defying gravity in front of the world taking home the gold. She was already studied the crowd of families. Watching her at the little girl. Third with the back flips in her living room. At the champions along the way I can't satellite and as Dave and let me your every single thing. To moans teammate Allen briefed and making America proud. And making her family proud on the cover of this domestic magazine in 1998. Predicting that her summer camp yearbook in twenty years albeit Olympic gymnast. And recognize that face a very patient Michael Phelps and found the video for twenty years ago warm up then. And Phelps now revealing he was inspired. By his older sisters who were already competing. She always come back like autographs and stuff like I wanted and this image tonight the nine year old girl asking Michael Phelps board autograph. She was in the water when she was just six and look at that smile. To give away. Michael Phelps and Katie Le ducky. Now Olympic champions side by side and so we choose the US team rooting for them every night I'm David Muir I'll see you back here Monday evening good night.

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{"id":41345108,"title":"Olympic Stars Then and Now","duration":"1:29","description":"Take a look at what these super athletes were like as children and find out how they realized their dreams.","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-stars-now-41345108","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}