Parents charged with their son's murder

Joann Cunningham and Andrew Freund are charged with the death and disappearance of AJ.
2:16 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Parents charged with their son's murder
headline late today, the grim discovery in the desperate search for a missing 5-year-old boy. Police reporting they found the body in a shallow grave near his home, and both of his parents have been arrested and charged. Alex Perez is in Illinois. Reporter: The grim discovery this suburban Chicago community feared. The body of 5-year-old A.J. Freund found buried in a shallow grave wrapped in plastic. It is with heavy heart that the crystal lake police department reports that we have located what we believe to be the body of Andrew "A.J." Freund. Reporter: Tonight, his parents under arrest. Both Joann Cunningham and Andrew Freund are being charged with the death and disappearance of A.J. Reporter: Investigators today seen carrying items from the family home, including a child's mattress, along with a shovel. Police say when they confronted the parents with cell phone evidence, they led them to the body. I just want my kids, that's all I have. They're my kids. Reporter: For days, a.j.'s parents pleaded for his return. A.J., please come home. We love you very much. Reporter: His father calling 911 to report him missing. When was the last time you've seen him? Last night. Probably 9:30, when he went to bed. Reporter: By morning, he said A.J. Was gone. When I got back from the doctor's appointment and I checked in on him, say good morning, and he wasn't there. Reporter: As a baby, A.J. Was taken into custody by child services for a year and a half. Records show police visiting the home for various reasons more than a dozen times. Just before Christmas, an officer reporting unacceptable living conditions and one of the children with a large bruise. We've seen the kids being taken away, and are always shocked that they have been returned. Reporter: Tonight, police vowing justice for A.J. To A.J., we know you are at peace playing in heaven's playground, and are happy you no longer have to suffer. Alex, tonight we're hearing from child services? Reporter: Yeah, David, a.j.'s younger brother remains in protective custody. The department says they're reviewing their interaction with a.j.'s family to determine if mistakes were made along the way. David?

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Joann Cunningham and Andrew Freund are charged with the death and disappearance of AJ.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62611338","title":"Parents charged with their son's murder","url":"/WNT/video/parents-charged-sons-murder-62611338"}