'Parts Unknown' host Anthony Bourdain's death ruled a suicide: Officials

His mother told The New York Times that a friend had described his mood as "dark" these last couple of days.
3:43 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for 'Parts Unknown' host Anthony Bourdain's death ruled a suicide: Officials
We begin with the shocking death of the man who touched so many of our lives. The man who teamed to live his life to the limit. Anthony bourdain showed us the world. Sitting down for a meal with strangers. Last seen in France shooting a new episode of his show. It was there in France a close friend found him dead this morning of suicide. Linsey Davis starts us you have. Reporter: Whether on a motor bike in Vietnam few people have been as effective of demonstrating the power of food and its ability to unite us as Anthony bourdain. Back in Vietnam. One of my favorite places on Earth. Reporter: It appeared to be business as usual. This photo shows him in France working on an upcoming episode. It was this morning the 61-year-old was found hanging from a room in his hotel. His friend found him. His mother Gladys telling his friend he had been in a doork mood, but he is the last person in the world I would imagine doing this. He had everything. Success beyond his wildest dreams. Tributes pouring in among them bourdain's girlfriend. Just this week he posted a video with her dancing in congress congress appearing happy. When president Obama made his visit to Vietnam in 2016 he sat down for lunch with bourdain. You have to walk me through this. Reporter: Today president Obama tweeted he taught us about food, but more importantly its ability to bring us together. We'll miss him. Bourdain struggled with and beat a heroin and cocaine addiction. Despite savoring the sweet taste of success, he opened up about depression. I would like to be happy. I should be happy. I like to look out the window and say life is good. And you don't? No. Reporter: Today bourdain is being remembered for nourishing souls all around the world. Incredible deal. So happy. Reporter: Simply by pulling up a chair trying something new and breaking bread together. Linsey Davis joins us now live. This is the second high profile suicide this week. Of course designer Kate spade. Now Anthony bourdain. The CDC is out with new numbers that suicide are up over the last two decades. You have some encouraging news tonight. Yeah. I want to give you one more statistic. The national suicide prevention life line says calls are up 25% in the last few days. They're saying they believe more people are asking for help because of increased awareness. That number is 18002738255. Again 18002738255. People are standing by right now to help. We cannot repeat that enough. Thank you. Such an important message. All of us want to under score there is help. Please reach help if someone you love is in crisis. You are not alone ever. Next to Canada. President trump at the g-7

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{"id":55758749,"title":"'Parts Unknown' host Anthony Bourdain's death ruled a suicide: Officials","duration":"3:43","description":"His mother told The New York Times that a friend had described his mood as \"dark\" these last couple of days.","url":"/WNT/video/parts-unknown-host-anthony-bourdains-death-ruled-suicide-55758749","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}